I Meet B.C. Bob Halfway

It had been quite a while since my last visit with my good friend Bob, who lives in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Yes, that Kelowna. B.C. Bob, as he is lovingly known by his south of the border friends, had never been to a college football game. I thought that I could kill two birds with one stone and combine a visit with Bob and a chance to see the Beavers play in Husky Stadium.

I purchased two tickets and told Bob to meet me at the kind-of halfway point between Kelowna and Portland, Seattle. We sat in the stands after the game, a little wetter and a little sadder. I would like to share B.C. Bob and BDO's post-game analysis/conversation:

Bob: "The radio said that the game was a sell-out. In Canada, a sell-out means that all of the seats are sold, and occupied. What's up with that, eh?"

BDO: "Sell-out can mean many things in the U.S.A. Bob. It depends if you're talking sports or politics or even sport-politic. In this case, sport-politic; a sell-out doesn't have anything to do with how many people come to the games but how much pressure the marketing department can put on next year's potential season's tickets buyers. "Hurry and purchase your tickets early; every game last year was SOLD OUT!"

Bob: "Those ball catcher guys for the both teams are pretty good. They all played good games, eh?"

BDO: "Yes, Bob they did play a good game. It seems like Cole Clasen made a big play every time he touched the ball. James Newson had his usual great game too. I don't really want to talk about Reggie Williams, okay?"

Bob: "Why did you get mad at me when I asked you if the third interception meant Derek Anderson had a hat trick, eh?"

BDO: "Don't be a smart-aleck Bob."

Bob: "Cody Pickett might not have been able to throw as well if your defensive line would have checked him a few times, you know."

BDO: "That's true Bob, but in the defense's defense, Pickett was going with a three-step drop and quick passes pretty much the entire. That was a good game plan by the Washington coaching staff."

Bob: "If it was a hockey game, there would have been a fight after Erik Tuma hit Cody Pickett in the back on that roughing the passer play."

BDO: "A fight wasn't necessary Bob. The penalty flag was retribution enough. The penalty flag on Richard Seigler later in the drive was retribution enough plus some."

Bob: "Well there sure for-sure would have been a fight after Derek Anderson was injured by that cheap-shot play at the end of the game."

BDO: "I don't understand that one either Bob. That was adding insult to injury and injury to insult."

Bob: "I thought that your offensive line did a good job of blocking for the run and the pass."

BDO: "Yes Bob, they are making progress every week."

Bob: "Steven Jackson got a lot of yards but I think that he would do better if he was running forward before the ball was hiked to the quarterback."

BDO: (This was the start of a long conversation that started with an explanation about "forward motion" and ran the gamut from why the field is a different size in American football, why American football has one less down, and ended up strangely enough with an explanation of the Heismon Trophy and the inevitability of Steven Jackson's senior year Heismon campaign.)

Bob: "Those sure were good kicks by that number 46. How do you pronounce his name?"

BDO: "Kirk."

Bob: "I sure was disappointed in that hoser offensive pass interference call on Dan Haines. I was looking forward to the excitement of an onside kick."

BDO: "Yes, Bob is was one of quite a few bad calls. But in the end; it was the turnovers that did the Beavers in."

BDO: "How did you like your first American football game Bob?"

Bob: "It was okay, but I missed the Zamboni between periods."

This more or less ended our expert end of game analysis. Next time I have to go to Kelowna for the sporting event. Bob said that we'll be attending a curling tournament; I can't wait.

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