Extra-Extra, OSU news links 6/11

A LOOK IN and around Planet Beav brings word of one prognosticator picking the Oregon State football schedule as among the toughest in the country, while a scribe at the Mercury News advises college football fans to clear Saturday Sept. 13 on the calendar. A new Pac-10 commish, the origin of the fly sweep and more.

For the first time in a quarter century, the Pacific-10 Conference must hire a commissioner. Tom Hansen announced Monday that he'll be stepping down next spring, sending the league into search mode.
Pac-10 commissioner search: A look at the (potential) candidates

It's never too early to know which Saturday you need to reserve the couch for 12-13 consecutive hours of Pac-10 viewing. In the case of 2008, that would be Sept. 13.
Pac-10 football: The TV schedule is here

Below is Phil Steele's 2008 toughest schedule..(and Oregon State is high up on the list). All factors are taken into account in these rankings. You will also find the article as reprinted from page 317 in "Phil Steele's College Football Preview." There is also a list on teams that will benefit and that will struggle due to the strength of their schedules.
Phil Steele's 2008 Toughest Schedule

Rodgers was recruited on a tip from a friend, that play was learned from a small college a few miles away.
Origins of the fly sweep

UCLA held an athletic fundraiser Saturday night and Slick Rick Neuheisel was in fine form.
Neuheisel auctions off playcalling

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