Don Meredith's Friend MO Pays a Visit to Palo Alto

There's MO-town, MO-Cheeks, and of course, MO-MOney. But in sports, the two MOst important "MO's" of all are Don Meredith's friends MO-mentum and MOjo (Just in case you are wondering, MOjo, as defined by Brad, "MOjo is personal MOmentum, closely related to one's state of karma.") The Stanford game was certainly a game of big plays and MO shifts. Here are some MOmentous MO MOments from Saturday's game:

Good MO:
It seems like I say this every week (I’m not complaining, I’m happy to say it.). The defense came up big again, especially in the second half. The defense absolutely, positively, without a doubt dominated Stanford in the second half. Stanford’s only sustained drive ended in Richard Seigler’s interception, a huge MOmentum play. 

Huge MO:
Terrell Roberts; talk about a MOmentum play. Terrell’s interception after the failed fourth down run was THE play of the game. 

Bad MO:
I hope the Beavers improve on the 3rd or 4th down and short plays, too many stuffs.  

Continuing MO:
Once again Kirk Yliniemi was 100% on field goal kicks. Who know how much MOmentum would have been affected if Kirk had missed even one of his field goal attempts. Kirk has hit 12 field goals in a row, an OSU record. It’s time to learn a new field goal kicker chant, “Ill-uh-NEE-mee, Ill-uh-NEE-mee, Ill-uh-NEE-mee.” Never mind. 

Halftime MO changeover:
My personal MO was lower than a snake’s belly after the first half but it all changed quickly. I turned on the idiot box and saw that the Ducks were getting pounded, Dwight Wright got the MO turned around with his kickoff return, Steven Jackson’s touchdown run pushed the MO a little further in the right direction and then to top it off Big MOmma Orange brought me a plate of freshly made chocolate chip cookies. The positive MO was flowing strong. 

Best MO in a while:
Carl Tobey had one of his best games. The Beavs were playing a field position type of game in the second half and Carl came through big-time with his punting. 


Bad over the air MO:
The OSU radio announcers were starting to sound a lot like the U of O radio announcers. There was MOre whining coming from my radio than the “Letters to the Editor” section of the Oregonian after an election.  

Big Boy MO:
The offensive linemen took a lot of abuse this year, but definitely have the MO going in their direction. “You want to line up 8 men to stop the run?” “Doesn’t matter, we’re going to open a hole anyway.” 

He’s a Running MOchine:
Steven Jackson. He’s big, he’s fast, he’s making big plays when the game is on the line, he is a running MOchine.


Bad Zebra MO:
It’s kind of sad when the announcers start calling your team, “The Penalty Kings.” Ouch! 


Good timing Good MO:
Shawn Kintner, drop the 2-point conversion, it’s a one-point lead and a loss of MO. Make the catch, it’s a three-point lead and the MO keeps building. 


Better change if you want to keep playing MO:
James Newson and Cole Clasen seem to be the only wide-outs making adjustments to the ball when it is in the air. Mike Haas saw some game action during crunch time. Could this be a preview of next week’s starting lineup? 


Wish he could play one MO year:
I sure am going to miss Nick Barnett

The game quote I liked the MOst:
Terrell Roberts, “…vintage Oregon State chest bump.” That’s beautiful Terrell. 


Bad Media MO:
“We have broadcast rights to the game.”

“It’s our stadium, you’ll have to use our announcers.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, you want the game, you have to use our announcers.”

“Your not the boss of me, it’s our announcers or nothing.”

“We’re not backing down, in our opinion, you are the ones who are looking bad here.”

“We’re not backing down, in our opinion, you are the bad guys.”

“We’re not the bad guys, you are.”

“No, you’re the bad guys.”

“I know you are but what are we?”

“I know you are but what are we?”… 



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