Preschoolers See Nothing Wrong With Power Struggle

Preschoolers at Lil' Beavers Kindergarten in Corvallis say they see nothing wrong with the continuing struggle between Eugene ABC affiliate KEZI and Oregon State University over who will announce this week's Oregon State versus Oregon football game, sources reported Monday.

"We see this kind of thing happen all of the time here at Lil' Beavers and I don't see anything wrong with it," said 4 year old Amber. "It's a lot like the time I went to Heather's house and I brought Nestles Quick, but Heather's Mom said they only drink Oveltine at their house, so I'd better just put that Nestles back into my Barbie backpack, ‘cause it was their house and you had to drink their chocolate drink."

"The two sides are handling things the same way I would," said Johnny, better known as "Little Johnny" in countless jokes about school aged children. "I can't wait till one side calls the other side a big doo doo and the other calls them a big poo poo back. That's what I like to call, ‘exercising your First Amendment rights."

Nap time supervisor Teacher Pat echoing the sentiments of the entire Lil' Beavers staff said, "It's gratifying to see media and university officials take their cues from the kids here at Lil' Beavers. I know that we staff members constantly watch the children for guidance on how to mediate our own disputes here at work."

Agreement Reached between OSU and UofO

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