Non-con scheduling, what about Auburn?

THE TREND TOWARDS scheduling these days for college football's powerhouse programs has been ever increasing towards more of the "sure things". Hey, LSU won't even leave the cozy confines of Tiger Stadium this year when they play Appalachian State, Troy and Northwestern. But what about hooking up Oregon State and Auburn for a matchup in the near future?

That's what the Montgomery Advertiser's Josh Moon is suggesting so Auburn fans can avoid epic clashes such as their matchup with Furman in 2009.

A quick search for Furman football reveals they are located in Greenville, South Carolina. They produced an All-American running back, Jerome Felton, who was selected in the fifth round in this year's NFL Draft.

They also went 6-5 last year. Their mascot is a Paladin. Their colors are purple and white. They belong to the Southern Conference -- a 1-AA league. They are a private school. They are a 1-AA school.

So, it might not be too far off base to say Auburn has the equivalent of a Portland State on their schedule.

AUBURN WOULD BE a great addition to any year's schedule for the Beavs. It would probably take some doing, but it isn't a Herculean task if both schools want to get it done.

The Beavers are scheduled to play Portland State, at UNLV and Cincinnati in 2009 -- and that schedule would probably not be changed as the away in-conference schedule looks to be a tough slate.

In 2010, Louisville and Boise State are currently on the schedule - both at home. Adding Auburn to the mix would make it one of the toughest schedules in the nation.

In 2011, the Beavs host Idaho and travel to Wisconsin.

Auburn has multiple free dates for 2009, 2010, and 2011 so it could be worked out. If they're not averse to a home-and-home and having that first game be played in Corvallis, that could perhaps sweeten the prospects.

COACHES THESE DAYS are loath to schedule even a competitive non-conference slate. And it just doesn't happen, save for once a blue moon, that an Appy State does the unthinkable to a Michigan.

So the thinking will probably continue to be why take a possible loss when three or four sure wins are available. It can help job security, bowl prospects and more.

But the fans are the ones who lose -- would you rather see Oregon State play Portland State or Auburn? Thought so.

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