EVENING SESSION: Youth is served

CORVALLIS--After a rigorous morning workout on Friday, the players were in shells and shorts for the evening session in Reser Stadium under the lights. Casey Kjos and Shane Morales each made some noise, though the defense made the pass break up a virtual art form on Friday.

11 vs. none
The freshmen got a lot of reps on Friday night. Geno Munoz and Jordan Bishop both got in some turns, and the offense was mixed and matched with the first and second string players moving in and out in rotation. The projected starters had the least reps. Sean Canfield did not participate in the drills.

11 on 11 (short yardage situation)
Al Afalava makes a good breakup of a pass to Gabe Miller -- nice timing on the dive by Afalava. The offense looked a little rusty in the passing game, with the mixed of first and second team. But Lyle Moevao offered a similar, veteran play from the morning practice, smartly waiting for the route to develop, this time finding Shane Morales for the connection. Cameron Collins and James Dockery collided going for a pick at the same time.

O-line vs. D-line
Couldn't see much of the drill, but from the small amount observed, Grant Johnson was having a good outing.

Al Afalava makes yet another good defensive stop. The offense completed passes to Sammie Stroughter, Casey Kjos and Shane Morales.

11 vs. 11
James Rodgers almost makes a nice grab, but Keaton Kristick knocks it down -- Kristick has been playing some excellent pass coverage, and rush defense, as the Beavs' outside linebacker. The rest of the scrimmage involved work on the short passing game.

Red zone skelly
Brandon Hughes stays with Stroughter on a one-on-one situation, then turns in time to make the interception, but drops it. Hughes was upset with himself, having played it perfectly and then just falling shot of finishing off the play. Chris Johnson makes a TD grab on a pass from Moevao. Hughes makes another nice breakup of a pass -- one that Stroughter thought he had. Afalava also got into the action again, making some defensive break ups. Justin Engstrom starts out with a TD strike to John Reese. He tried to connect with Reese again on two more plays, but the passes were broken up by Lance Mitchell and Patrick Henderson. Coach Mark Banker was very happy with the play Henderson made here. Henderson was beat initially on the play, but stayed with it, recovered and knocked the pass away the moment it hit Reese's hands. Engstrom comes back with a TD pass to Casey Kjos -- a nice route and stretch by Kjos to make that catch.

Red zone
Jacquizz Rodgers and Ryan McCants registered TD runs. Greg Laybourn broke up a pass intended for Darrell Catchings in the corner of the end zone. Moevao on the very next play finds Stroughter, who bested tight coverage from Laybourn for a TD. Engstrom found Ryan McCants, Aaron Nichols, Gabe Miller and John Reese for scores. Dennis Christopher stopped McCants in the backfield for a loss on one play.

11 on 11 (2 minute no huddle drill)
Moevao completed a couple of nice strikes to Shane Morales, who had to dive on both occasions. Darrell Catchings was the other receiver that managed to catch a pass. The first team defense made some good deflections and stops. Engstrom continued to find more targets, this time Jacquizz Rodgers and Damola Adeniji, for TD strikes.

Play of the day
Lyle Moevao's TD pass to Sammie Stroughter. Stroughter ended up running to the wall near the North end zone, west side corner. There a boy who looked about 5 years-old was sitting in the first row of seats, about 10 yards away. He ran towards Stroughter to high five him and Stroughter didn't disappoint, giving him a high-five and with enthusiasm. An unscripted moment and an enjoyable sight indeed.

It was a pretty laid back session of practice after some hard hitting morning day's work. The offense and defense each had their moments, no-one had the clear cut upper hand over the other. The second team members got most of the reps in the evening session. The punting and kicking raises slight concerns on the issue of consistency. Casey Kjos and Shane Morales took full advantage of the extra opportunities they had on Friday evening. Engstrom is slowly developing in to a nice QB.

WITH THE GOLDEN rays of the sun directed into the stadium through the gap between the north end zone and the west side of the stadium and little wind if any to contend with, the punting was just average on Friday night. A good number of the snaps were low which seemed to be throwing the punters' timing off. John Hekker had the best punt of the day -- almost 60 yards. The punters look to need to get used to low and offline snaps. Friday, hurrying the kicks seemed to definitely have a big impact on all the punters.

It was really had a day to forget in the kicking game. Justin Kahut didn't kick with the defense coming on a rush but Matt Barker and Ryan Allen did. Barker made the first three but hooked the next one by a wide margin. His last attempt then went wide right. Allen made his first two but then missed the following effort, also by a wide margin. From where the media was positioned, it was difficult to tell if the snap and hold were okay.

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