It was the game with the mostest.

It was a great day, a day to remember. The Beavers put a whuppin' on the Ducks, Beaver fans have a year's worth of bragging rights, and all is right with the world. The game saw many records fall, the most career this the most career that, a game with the mostest.

Steven Jackson broke Ken Simonton's record for most rushing yards in a season, 1,656 yards. 

The offensive line broke the record for most improvement from first PAC-10 game to last PAC-10 game of the season. Their pass blocking was beautiful, and their run blocking? Just ask Steven about their run blocking. 

Derek Anderson broke Jonathan Smith's record for most touchdown passes in a season, with 24 touchdown passes this year. There is no doubt that this was Derek's finest PAC-10 game and I think that he showed what he can do in the PAC-10 and in a big game. This type of performance in this big of a game has implications for next year and the year after that. Derek will keep improving; more records will fall. 

The record for highest percentage of OSU to U of O fans in Reser for a Civil War game was shattered. I can remember years ago when the orange/black to green/gold ratio looked like 50:50. This year, there was the little pond of green/gold in the end zone and that was it for any large groups. The crowd was orange and black and LOUD.  

James Newson caught 11 passes for 168 yards, which pushed him to 1,119 receiving yards, a new Beaver record. James made one great catch after another. It's good to know he's coming back next year. 

The record was set for the most beer cans coming out of coat pockets, pants pockets, shirt pockets, and I don't know where else pockets. Some of the people in front of me just kept pulling beer cans out, it looked like the circus act where the clowns keep piling out of the little car. 

James Newson set a new record, 11, for touchdown receptions in a year. Did I mention I'm glad he's coming back next year? 

The game Officials set the record for most illegal procedure penalties helping out the team that the penalty was called against. I ask you; if the penalties were before the snap, where were the whistles? And how about some of those interference penalties? Z. Dero, "We demanded neutral announcers; we should have demanded neutral officials." 

The fans near the Jumbotron set a record for stupidest, dumbest, moronic, most idiotic behavior from your own fans. An official's call goes against you and you shower your own team with garbage? You call yourselves fans I call you clueless imbeciles. 

The Beavers set the record for the most points scored by an OSU team in a Civil War game. The record was set for the longest line for the Men's bathrooms in the history of Reser Stadium. You had to see it to believe it, and I'm sure some of you readers will never believe me, but the lines to the Men's restrooms on the student side of the stadium were easily three to four times longer than the women's lines. Fact is stranger than fiction. 

Tim Euhus set the record for longest non-stop block on Steven Jackson's touchdown reception. The tightends and receivers did a great job of blocking the entire game. The crowd in Section 24 set the record for saying the same thing without planning it on a Derek Anderson pass to James Newson. Derek faked a hand-off to Steven Jackson, Jackson took a couple of steps and laid a beautiful block on an Oregon defender and about half of Section 24 simultaneously said, "Nice block." 

The Oregon defensive backfield set the record for most defensive backs bouncing off of a running back. Steven Jackson was running over defensive backs the entire game. A cornerback hit him on his first touchdown run and he didn't even break stride. And how about that lick at the 10-yard line on the run where he was tackled at the 1? 

A record was set for the second most disgusting (but very funny) thing at Reser when someone put rubber duckies in all of the urinals in the Men's restrooms.

 A record was set for the most disgusting (and not very funny) when many of those duckies were taken as souvenirs when the game had ended. "Gee Dad look, free souvenirs." "Grab one for your Mom son, just don't tell her where you got it." 

As expected, there was a new Reser Stadium record set for empty cans and bottles littering the stadium after the game. Note to Bob De C., forget about sending out mail asking for donations, you should be able to add a deck onto Reser from the return on deposit for empties after a Civil War. 

Lastly, the record was set for the most successful goal post defense strategy. The double-ring of death formation around the goal posts was hugely successful. Not even the most inebriated student could break through the interlocked arms of the polo-shirted posse. And if they had, some of Oregon's finest were ready to do battle. Good job team, everyone could focus on celebrating the victory instead of trying to guess whom the goal post was going to fall on this time. 

Two Notes:
Erik Tuma wins the award for last player off the field though Tim Euhus gave him a run for his money. 

Giant kudos to the people who handed out free throat lozenges at the basketball game just after the Civil War. I know my raw throat appreciated it. 

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