DRIVE CHART: Oregon State at Stanford

FROM THE NUMEROUS Moevao/Morales completions, the Moevao-to-Stroughter connections to the back breaking third down conversions and the excruciating last play on offense for the Beavs - here's a blow by blow account of Oregon State's 36-28 loss to Stanford.

First Quarter

Oregon State won the toss and deferred to the second half.

Justin Kahut boots the opening kickoff 65 yards to the STAN 5.  Corey Gatewood returns the kickoff 27 yards to the STAN32.  Lance Mitchell gets the first tackle of 2008.

Anthony Kimble picks up a first down on a six yard run on second and 5.  On first down Pernell Booth and Slade Norris combine for a sack.  On 3rd and 7 Keith Pankey tackles Alex Loukas for a three yard gain.  David Green punts the ball 51 yards for a touchback.

With 12:23 left in the corner the Beaver offense takes the field.  First offensive play of 2008 is a handoff to Ryan McCants, who looks nervous, but gains three yards.  On second down McCants fumbles the handoff, but recovers his own fumble.  True freshman Jacquizz Rodgers enters the game on 3rd and 10 gaining one yard on his first collegiate carry.  Johnny Hekker takes too much time getting rid of the ball as Stephen Carr blocks the punt as the ball is down at the OSU34.

The Beaver defense holds string giving up just two yards on two rushes and forcing an incomplete pass on 3rd and 8. Aaron Zagory's 49-field goal attempt sails way wide right.

OSU takes over at their own 32 with 8:50 left in the quarter.  Quizz breaks off a 23-yard gainon first down, but holding negates the gain.  Despite a 13-yard completion to Stroughter the Beavs are forced to punt.  Hekker gets off a 40-yard kick as Doug Baldwin is tackled at the STAN24 with excellent coverage from Brandon Hardin.

A sack by Victor Butler and Greg Laybourn on 2nd and 2 results in 3rd and 7.  Alex Loukas rushes for 2 yards and Stanford is punting again.  Green gets off another beautiful punt, this one sailing 49 yards where Stroughter fields the kick returning in 15 yards to the OSU37.

The OSU offense picks up their first first down of the year and gets into Stanford territory for the first time on a 17-yard swing pass to James Rodgers that was setup beautifully by a Stroughter block.   A seven yard run by McCants, a 12 yard completion to Stroughter and a 8 yard run by James Rodgers all result in first downs.  A face mask on Rodgers moves the ball to the STAN7 with a fresh set of downs.  On second down Lyle Moevao finds Stroughter in the back of the endzone but Wopamo Osaisai makes a great play pushing Stroughter out of bounds resulting in an incomplete pass. On 3rd and goal Moevao is sacked ending the quarter.


Second Quarter

Kahut boots a 27-yard field goal to start the second quarter giving the Beavers their first lead of the game.

Oregon State 3, Stanford 0 (10 plays. 53 yards, TOP 4:58)

Stanford starts with the ball at their own 27-yard line after returning the kickoff 25 yards.  A 36-yard run by Toby Gerhart moves the Cardinal into Beaver territory.  Stanford converts on 4th and 1 from the OSU10 giving the 1st and goal.  Keaton Kristick makes a solid play on Anthony Kimble wrapping him up for a six yard loss on first down.  A 12-yard completion from Tevita Pritchard to Ryan Whalen results in third and goal from the OSU4.  A cheap pass interference call on Tim Clark on third down results in a new set of downs for Stanford.  Two plays later Gerhart plunges in for the games first touchdown with 9:03 left in the first half.

Stanford 7, Oregon State 3 (12, 73, 5:35)

James Rodgers returns the kickoff 33 yards to the OSU35, but three incomplete passes result in a punt.  On 3rd and 10 Moevao overthrows Stroughter who is wide open and would have gone in for six. Hekker shanks the punt 24-yards out of bounds at the STAN41.

A 18-yard gain to Baldwin from Pritchard gets the Cardinal within stricking distance before the Beaver defense shores up and is helped by a holding pentality on first down.  Zagroy connects from 41 yards out giving Stanford a seven point lead.

Stanford 10, Oregon State 3 (7, 35, 2:53)

James Rodgers gets another nice kickoff return going 27-yards as the offense starts at their own 31 with 5:38 on the clock.  After James Rodgers picks up a first down on a 13-yard fly sweep Lyle Moevao finds a streaking Stroughter for a 55-yard touchdown.  Same play as the last offensive series, just the opposite side of the field and Moevao is on target.

Stanford 10, Oregon State 10 (3, 69, 4:29)

Stanford begins their drive at their own 26 with 4:24 left in the half.  Baldwin makes a great catch down the sidelines on Keenan Lewis, but the horrible Pac-10 officials overturn the reception.  Stanford cashes in anyway as Gerhart bounces off of Bryant Cornell and Keith Pankey for a 46-yard touchdown.

Stanford 17, Oregon State 10 (5, 74, 2:14)

With 2:03 remaining in the second quarter and the ball on their own 20 the offense goes into their hurry up offense.  Moevao and Shane Morales are on target as Morales catches four passes for 47 yards, including the 4-yard touchdown reception.  The offense picks up five first downs on the drive, including three in a row, and four catches in a row that went for 11 yards or more.

Stanford 17, Oregon State 17 (9, 80, 1:49)

Cory Gatewood fumbles the kickoff, but recovers the ball.  Stanford takes a knee to end the half.


Third Quarter

James Rodgers returns the kickoff seven yards to the OSU24.  The offense continues their momentum into the second half as Moevao finds Stroughter on 3rd and 13 for a 15-yard gain to keep the drive alive.  A wicked juke move by Quizz for a 10-yard gain moves the ball into Stanford territory.  Two plays later James Rodgers rushes around the end for a 14-yard gain and another first down advancing the ball to the STAN30.  On 2nd and 10 a cheap helmet to helmet hit by Pat Maynor on Moevao forces Moevao to leave the game.  Justin Engstrom comes in handing the ball off to Quzz for a 3-yard gain.  Beavs move the ball to the STAN6 before stalling.  Kahut connects from 23 yards out.

Oregon State 20, Stanford 17 (15, 70, 7:23)

Stanford responds with a healthy does of Kimble and Gerhart who pick up three first downs.  The key play comes on 3rd and 15 when Gerhart runs for 19 yards and a first down.  The Cardinal move the ball to the OSU25 before a dropped pass on 3rd and 4 results in 4th and 4.  Zagory hits from 42 to tie the game.

Oregon State 20, Stanford 20 (10, 42, 3:47)

A holding penalty on the kickoff return moves the ball back to the OSU15.  Moevao is sacked on first down and then on second down he throws a horrible pass to Quizz who is coming out of the backfield.  The ball hits the turf and goes out of the side of the end zone for a safety.

Stanford 22, Oregon State 20, (Safety)

A 15-yard face mask moves Stanford onto Oregon State's side of the field.  Gerhart picks up 11 yards on 3rd and 8 to keep the drive alive.  Pass interference, which saved a touchdown, on Pankey is called moving the ball to the OSU16.  Gerhart rushes for one yard to end the third quarter.


Fourth Quarter

On second and 9 Pritchard finds Kimble on a slip screen for a 15-yard touchdown.

Stanford 29, Oregon State 20 (7, 65, 3:01)

The offense moves the ball well again as the Moevao/Morales connection starts clicking.  Morales grabs passes for 13 and 4 yard gains resulting in first downs, with the later moving the ball into Stanford turf.  A 10-yard run by Quizz and a 11 yard gain to Stroughter move the ball to the STAN23.  But on first and 10 Moevao drills the pass into the shoulder pads of a lineman as Kris Evans intercepts the pass returning it to the STAN24.

The Beaver defense stands tall forcing a three and out.  Stroughter fair catches the 45-yard punt at the OSU27.

On third and 10 Moevao doesn't see Bo McNally drop into coverage as he drills a pass towards Stroughter.  But McNally intercepts the pass returning in 34 yards for a touchdown.

Stanford 36, Oregon State 20 (34-yard interception)

Once again the offense moves the ball easily into Stanford territory.  A 14-yard pass to Morales and pass interference call help move the ball inside the Stanford redzone.  But a horrible snap by Alex Linnenkohl on third and 10 results in fourth and 20.  The Beavers go for it, but it results in a turnover on downs.

Stanford sticks to the ground running five of six times while picking up one first down.  But the defense forces a punt.  A block in the back forces to the offense to start from their won three yard line.

With 5:07 remaining in the game the hurry up offense is implemnted again.  A 17-yard pass to James Rodgers on first down gets the Beavers out of the shadow of their goalposts.  A 15-yard completion to Darrell Catchings, a 24 yard pass to Morales and 11 and 18 yard completions to Stroughter all result in first downs.  On first and goal Moevao finds Stroughter for a three yard touchdown.  Moevao finds Morales for the two point conversion.

Stanford 36, Oregon State 28 (9, 97, 2:07)

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