QUOTES: "Man, that is quarterbacking"

QUOTES FROM MIKE RILEY following the 45-7 win over Hawaii on Sep. 13, as the head man of the Beavers touches on the performances of Jacquizz Rodgers, Lyle Moevao, the offensive line, some of the younger faces on the d-line, the play of Ryan McCants and more.

Head coach Mike Riley
On true freshman Jacquizz Rodgers rushing for 110 yards and the play of Ryan McCants.

Riley: A: It was good to see him get that production. I thought that he ran the ball, in not a very good football game obviously a week ago against Penn State, I thought he ran the ball hard. The neat thing about all that, specifically with him, is I think he was unfazed about where he was -- he didn't know that it was Penn State, he played hard. I thought today he just kept running, he did the things he can do and I was also excited to see Ryan McCants go in there and play...I told everyone they haven't seen him yet. He hasn't really been comfortable in a ballgame yet but I thought you got a chance to see more of what he might be. That's two exciting young backs that I hope that we again, with that group, be able to build on.

On Lyle Moevao's performance
Riley: I've been real excited about Lyle's growth. I don't know if you remember early on we threw a ball to Shane (Morales) that was incomplete down the sideline, Shane ran an out and up. We got beat at the line of scrimmage fast. Lyle just stood in there knowing, I had the view of the guy coming off the edge, he stood in there and threw the ball and threw it in a place that might be caught but wasn't dangerous. I thought, 'Man, that is quarterbacking.' he hangs in there tough, he makes quick decisions..One thing that all of you need to know about this team -- This team has worked at it. Lyle was in here a couple nights watching film until about 10- 10:30 pm. Had to kick him out, tell him to go home. So has Isaiah Cook. So was Al Afalava. These guys were concerned about where their team was. They worked hard. We got a win. And now we've got to try and build from here.

On if now it can be said that Hawaii was a must win.
Riley: Yeah, now you can, you can. That is good, we needed to come out and play a good game. I think one thing that happens if you don't win, and you don't play well, doubt creeps in and you're looking now to find ways to build confidence. You have to do that before a game and you're doing it on top of not winning. So the beautiful thing today was that we scared all of you and we scared all of our team right at the beginning of the game. And I don't know how you did, but our team responded. So I was proud of that. And then we just kept going and I was proud of that. So hopefully those are good lessons that we build into the identity of this 2008 team and they continue to do things like this.

On the starting offensive line -- Andy Levitre, Adam Speer, Alex Linnenkohl, Gregg Peat and Mike Remmers -- against the Hawaii front seven.
Riley: A: I'm really proud of that offensive line. We have obviously been through a number of changes and had to adapt and new guys have had to step in and probably younger than we would have ever anticipated them doing that, guys like Alex, guys like Mike Remmers for sure. But the other guys provide stability, bring them along. And Mike (Cavanaugh) does a great job of coaching those guys in the front. It's a mixed bag up there and it has been mixed up from different things that have happened, whether from injury or other, and I'm proud of them because they're getting better and growing...Hawaii's defense, the defensive front was the best part of their football team, very aggressive, talented. And I think that they did a nice job blocking them today.

On the defense going to the nickel package (five defensive backs) after Hawaii marched down the field on their first drive and making adjustments.
Riley: It really did. And you know what happens also, when you play a team like this that's spread out, and you're practicing against people that are simulating that offense on a scout team basis, you can never duplicate the speed of the offense you're seeing... You've got a good plan, you know what you're doing, but the speed surprises you. Hawaii, they obviously run their plays better than our scout team runs their plays. But I thought we adjusted to that, Mark Banker continues to just do a great job as all of our defensive coaches do. They adjusted...played the nickel a little bit earlier and guys went in with the adjustments and played well.

On the play of some of the newer guys up on the defensive line, specifically Stephen Paea and Kevin Frahm, and giving up 57 yards rushing.
Riley: That's what we like to see, that's where it all starts with us, as a foundation. Again, those are parts that hopefully we can grasp, build on and get better on. I think the next team we play runs the ball decently (laughs) so we're going to have to be pretty good at taking another step up that way.

On kicker Justin Kahut being injured, Sean Sehnem replacing him and Matt Barker also getting in on kickoffs.
Riley: He's had a little problem before but he was totally the last few weeks as we entered the season. And today, I'm not sure when it happened, but something with his hip was bothering him. So we decided, he really decided at halftime that he couldn't go again. And Sean went in and we also dressed Matt Barker, a freshman from Gonzaga up in Spokane that is I think a fine young kicker. So we'll see. We've got to get Justin ready, Justin we already know is very capable, just had one of those days and I think part of it was due to being hurt.

On being mentally tough, the offensive rhythm, balance and execution and how the Beavs decidedly positive step forward, but haven't yet shown their best.
Riley: I don't think we were in total rhythm but I thought our balance was good. I think if we can get 200 yards rushing and 250-300 yard passing, that's pretty good and its hard for the defense that way. And I think our identity is about that, being able to basically by the end of the game to have broken their will and be running the ball as we want to, and then make some plays in the passing game down the field. I don't think we were perfect in execution, I think we can do better. But I think there was a better picture of who we want to be.

Quarterback Lyle Moevao
On the first win of season ...
“It definitely felt good to get our first win under our belt, especially in front of our home crowd. This is a great confidence-booster, a great win to get us back on track. It’s how we used to feel last year. Playing at home, it wasn’t too hard to remember. It shows what we’re capable of, and there are a few things we left out. There’s a lot of improvement to be made.”

On the difference in preparation this weeks as opposed to previous weeks ...
“I think everyone was a lot more focused this week when it came to the details. We did better on third down conversions as opposed to last week.”

On preparation for USC ...
“We just have to have great practices and not reflect too much on this film and try to get ready. We have to get ready physically and mentally.”

On Jacquizz Rodgers...
“Quizz had an awesome day. You had the feeling it was going to happen, especially when he got 99 yards on Penn State. This shows what he’s capable of as a true freshman. That’s always tough, to come in as a true freshman and play. I guess that’s how you know he’s related to James. His brother did it last year.”


Safety Al Afalava
On Hawaii’s first drive to score...
“We came out slow. the coaches sat us down and said, ‘Calm down.’ They said just play our game and that’s what we ended up doing.”

On OSU’s mindset after Hawai’i’s first drive ...
“After that drive we just started playing, everybody started running for the ball and everybody started executing. From then on, things started going our way.”

On the win...
“We did an awesome job today, Penn State was a wake up call and that can’t happen any more. The seniors got everyone pumped up and Hawai’i was a must win.”

On Hawai’i’s offense...
“They have a very good offense, very explosive. They run a lot of choice routes. And we had to adjust. In the second half, we had to adjust more and we just executed.”


Running Back Jacquizz Rodgers
On his first win as a Beaver and your first 100 yard game...
“It was great - I almost had it last week. All of the credit goes to the guys up front. We’ve worked hard to get to the point we are at. We had to get the running game on track and that is what we did. The passing game started off early, so they had to respect the passing game, which opened the running game up."

On the importance of the win and what got the offense going ...
“It’s just the whole offensive chemistry. It’s the way we have gelled. Anybody can make a big play at any time. That is how powerful we are. We gain a lot of confidence with this win. Everybody was focused. We had three good practices this week. It was a must-win.We had our backs against the wall. If we would have lost we would have gone down 0-3. So it was great to pick up a win in front of the home crowd and do in convincingly.”


Linebacker Bryant Cornell
On the team defensive play and getting back on track ...
“This is exactly what we needed, and we did exactly what we needed to do. It’s a big boost of confidence. We knew we could do it, and we finally proved that today which is nice. We thought they would pass a lot, and they did, but in the first quarter they tried running the ball and got some yardage. But we rallied back and we adjusted to shut it down. There’s no doubt, there were some questions about our defense – there still are – but this was a step in the right direction.”

On winning big...
“There couldn’t be a doubt in this game. This was a game we knew we could win. We wanted to show even ourselves. We had to win big, and that’s what we did. Everyone contributed. I loved playing today, it was fun I always feel like it’s just a beginning. You can never be satisfied. You can be happy that you won but there’s always things you can do better.”


Defensive End Slade Norris
On the defense...
“All week long, we talked about getting our momentum going and celebrating after our big plays. Last year, the defense somewhat carried the momentum of the entire team. After that first third down we kind of got together and rolled from there. You have to have the trust – the linebackers to cover our back, the linemen have them. That’s the mentality we carried out there today.

On the defense's identity versus last years...
"Last year’s group developed a reputation. They kind of had a swagger about them. That’s because of the trust they formed throughout the year. We felt we could play that way; we just had to develop that sort of mentality. We have so many playmakers this year. Any time the ball is handed off, we have so much speed they can make a play after that tackle, after that catch. That's what I really think differs this year from last year."

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