Former Cal Commit Now Looking Elsewhere

Stockton (Calif.) Edison athlete Chris Henry committed in early September to Cal but said it was a soft commitment and he still wanted to check out other schools. Henry is now totally de-committed from the Bears and is down to two other Pac-10 schools.

"I think looking back, I committed to Cal for all the wrong reasons," Henry said. "At the time they offered me, I was really surprised by it and didn't know if anyone else would be offering me. So I basically committed not thinking I would have other options.

"Then I started to hear from other schools and I realized I jumped the gun when I committed. It's not that Cal is a bad school, it's just not for me. I've always said I wanted to leave home and now I have that opportunity and still play in the Pac 10, which is a dream for me.

"Oregon State and Arizona are my final two. I tripped to Oregon State last weekend for the Civil War game with Oregon and loved it. I got along so well with the players and the coaches, it felt like home to me. The atmosphere at the game was great and I felt like that's where I belonged.

"I also really like Dennis Erickson. He's a great coach and I like how he talks to me. He tells it like it is and I like that. They're recruiting me as a running back and said they like big backs that can run like me. Steven Jackson is a great player and people are saying he could come out for the draft next year. That would give me an opportunity to play early there. Oregon State is on the rise and they're going to be very good next year and the years to come.

"I also like Arizona and have a trip set there for December 13. They've been recruiting me hard all year and I get along well with the coaches. The only concern is all the talk about the security of the coaching staff. I've heard talk that the staff could be gone and that's not something I want to be a part of.

"For that reason, I'm leaning to Oregon State right now but I still want to take my trip to Arizona. Both Oregon State and Arizona will be in for home visits tomorrow night and I should be ready to make my decision in a couple of weeks after my Arizona trip."

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