QUOTES: "We can beat anybody on a given day"

FROM LYLE MOEVAO and Jacquizz Rodgers signging the praises of the offensive line to Greg Laybourn's thoughts after his interceptions here's the post game quotes from the Beaver lockerroom.

QB Lyle Moevao
On the game - "This is the game that puts us back on track to a winning season.  And it was tough coming out the first two games and going 0-2, losing like we did to Stanford and then getting pounded in the second game. No one would expect us to beat the No. 1 team in the fourth week. But it's part of the game and we love the challenge.  It means a lot — not just to us, but to everybody in the community.  It was national TV, and there were a lot of people rooting for us all across Beaver Nation. It's exciting for us to come out on top.  Everybody doubted us. Everybody doubted our offense. Everybody doubted our defense.  We loved the challenge.  The coaches figured out the weaknesses in their offense and defense. "

On his offensive line - "Our offensive line hardly gets any credit, but it all starts up front.   These guys are the ones who got the job done tonight.  It makes my job easier when these guys play like that.  SC might have had the best defensive front in the country, but Coach Riley always talks about, ‘It's not the best defense statistically, it's the best defense today.' These guys did a great job of handling the Trojans. If I recall correctly we only had one sack and that's because it was a good coverage sack.  I had a lot of time to let go of the ball and their defensive secondary did a great job of covering us and unfortunately I didn't make the right choice of throwing it away."

On Quizz - "Quizz did a great job.  Coming in as a true freshman, having to learn all those plays that we have, the protections, the run plays, the pass plays and everything else. The formations. And then getting used to the games, going against the No. 1 defense in the nation, it's a tough task and I think he did a great job tonight.  He was able to pop open a few runs when things didn't look right.  He was able to twist and turn and spin out of a few tackles and get extra yards."


S Greg Laybourn
On the game - "Anytime you are a big underdog, you have to use that to your advantage.  You have to put a chip on your shoulder. We heard all week that we didn't have a chance. Anytime you are in a situation like that, you look to yourselves for support, and that's what we did. We knew they weren't going to roll over.  We just pulled the defense together and said we had to play our game. We were confident in what we were doing."

On the student support - "You knew that was coming a couple of days ago.  We were coming out for practice and the student tickets were being passed out. There was a ridiculous line wrapped around Gill Coliseum. I was talking to some friends, and they said they waited five and six hours for tickets. It felt good to have the backing of the students like that. When we got off to a slow start this season, that they are still supporting us means a lot."

On the team's mentality before the game - "All we were hearing all week was how we didn't have a chance. Any time you're in a situation like that, you look to each other for support. That's what we did all week. We told each other, ‘No one controls what we do except us. If we play our game, we'll be a tough team to beat.'"

On his interception and return to the Trojan two - "He overthrew it a little. I had pretty solid coverage over the top, but a good throw might have been a completion. I started breaking on the route, looked up, and there was the ball. Right place, right time.  They always say look to the sideline, but I saw Trojans out there, so I cut back and saw some open areas and thought I was going to score."


RB Quizz Rodgers
On his team/the game - "We can beat anybody on a given day.  It's not always the best team that wins a game. It's whoever plays harder. We already had played on the big stage, so this was just another game. And USC, they brought out the best in us.  We came out and the linemen hit them straight in the mouth and we were able to establish the run game.  I wasn't expecting 30-some carries, but I knew we were going to run straight at them. I'm a small dude and I hide behind the linemen - they couldn't find me. What a job by our offensive line. Coach Cavanaugh did a good job of throwing everything at them. They picked it up real well and translated it to the game."

On the difference between OSU and Virginia and Ohio State's game plans - "Those other teams backed away.  We came out with fire in our eyes and decided we were coming straight at 'em."

On being trash talked by USC's defenders - "We needed to hit them in the mouth. I didn't feel like I had their respect, even by the end of the game. It's something you have to earn, I guess."

On when his helmet got ripped off - "I was trying to score and the linebacker blitzed and he got in and I broke the tackl. I was able to break loose, but the ref blew the whistle."


Coach Mike Riley
On the game - "I'm really proud of our team. Everybody knows how our season has gone and what happened at Penn State and the fact is, I thought they learned from that. Every game is about competing and competition and I thought they came out and played. They were respectful, but not it awe of the Trojans.  Rushing stats and turnover stats are always big, and we out-rushed them by a lot.  That is the major factor because USC had been running the ball well and had only been giving up about 50 yards a game rushing. When the stats are like they were tonight, and we take good care of the football like we did, then we can usually win."

On the success on the lines - "I don't have a pat answer or a real good explanation.  We went with a relatively simple running plan, complemented with fly sweeps and reverses."

On zone running plays - "The running back is given a lot of leeway in the creases he can find. It's basically finding a lane, frontside or backside, and Quizz is excellent at that."

On the rest of the season - "Getting better has to be the goal.  We don't want to go back, we don't want to go back to the bad game on the road and the bad plane ride home after the game. The taste of this upset is something that should be inspiring to a team, so I'm looking forward to our approach to practice.  We just raised the bar. What can we do now? How good can we be? And it all starts with the next game."


C Alex Linnenkohl
On the game - "We said we're going to run right at them, and that's what we did.  And we said we were going to see if they could stop us. And when they didn't, that was the tale of the game.  The game plan was just perfect. We only ran three run plays other than the fly sweep. Strong-side zone, weak-side zone and outside zone. We didn't do any counters, that kind of thing. Up the middle was where it was at."

On Quizz - "Blocking for Quizz, you know if you can stay on your block for an extra second, that might be enough.  Quizz can make something out of nothing."


OG Gregg Peat
On the game plan -
"USC has a great defense and they're a great team overall, but we decided early on that we were going to run the ball, we were going to pound them and that was going to be the key to our success. If we ran the ball well, we'd open up the passing lanes and that's exactly what happened.  We were so well prepared.  We knew exactly what they were going to do and when they were going to do it and that means a lot as an offensive line, playing the odds and knowing where they're going to be before they get there.

On Quizz - "It's unreal. The kid is everything to us. All five of us on the offensive line love blocking for him. He's amazing to watch. We're sitting there grid on grid with a guy and we look to our right and he's flying past us. It's the best feeling in the world."


OT Andy Levitre
"I can't describe it right now. It feels great. I feel like I'm on top of the world."


OG Adam Speer
"They truly were a No. 1 team.  We just beat them."


DE Victor Butler
"We went against a great opponent with great coaches and great athletes. We executed to perfection."


S Al Afalava
"For some reason, we just knew. We just felt that we could do it again.  Everyone had that feeling."


LB Keaton Kristick
"This is a turnaround for us.  We're really excited about the rest of the year.We struggled in our first two games, but we knew we had this kind of performance in us."


Coach Pete Carroll
On the game - "We are extremely disappointed, but Oregon State played great tonight. The Beavers did all of the things they needed to win this game. Mike had them ready. they played better than us, they played harder than us, and they made all the plays they needed to make. They deserve a tremendous amount of credit. It was a great win for them."

On Quizz Rodgers - "Our inability to stop Rodgers on the zone play was crucial.  I am just beside myself.  They didn't hide what they were doing; they just did it, and we couldn't stop it. We couldn't tackle him. He had a great game. He did everything they wanted him to and gave them every chance to control the ball and get first downs."


LB Rey Maualuga
On the OSU's running game -
"The inside zone messed us up. We didn't have a feel for what gaps we were supposed to be in.  It was surreal. They were just running the same plays and we didn't know how to stop it. Rogers had the game of his life. We just couldn't stop him."

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