QUOTES: "It's a game of inches."

MIKE RILEY AND his players chose to take the high road following their loss to No. 15 Utah Oct. 2. Here's what Riley, Lyle Moevao, Greg Laybourn and others had to say about the tough loss in Salt Lake City.

Coach Mike Riley
On the game
- "It was a terrific game. I’m really proud of our guys, how they played. We made a lot of mistakes, but we tried to overcome them with a lot of effort and good play, and I’m proud of that. Time and again, it cost us. It’s a game of inches, right? We missed out on a lot of little plays that could have had us out of harm’s way.We'll look back at 20 plays in this game.  Too many opportunities to have more points - a lot of little plays that could have had us out of harm's way at the end."

On the close loss - "They all hurt badly. I wasn't sure if we were in that game mentally at Penn State, but this game, we played. We really played."

On a possible letdown - "I think if we would have come out flat we would have gotten beat by 30. Both teams competed. We knew this was going to be a very hard game."

On the pass interference call to tie the game - "I saw the one official signal incomplete, and then I saw the flag come out about a half-hour later."

On going up by eight with 2:18 left in the game - "I thought we might have had enough to win the game, but we didn't.  I'm really disappointed in the loss. This would have been a fantastic win, but I give Utah a lot of credit. They played really well."


LB Keaton Kristick
On the pass interferance call
- “I saw the whole thing, but I’m not going to dog them. That’s a great team. They played really well.”


QB Lyle Moevao
On the game
- ""We kind of let ourselves down. We knew we were able to hang with these guys, but it just didn't happen."They were giving us a lot of different looks, bringing guys late. They do a lot of shifts. We practiced for it, but they executed it tonight. All the credit to them. It was definitely a heartbreaker.  It feels like Stanford all over again. Once again we made mistakes early on that cost us the game"


WR Shane Morales
On the game - “I'm not going to lie, it hurts, but they’re not No. 15 in the nation for nothing. I have to give them credit. They had a very good offense and a sound defense.”


DE Slade Norris
On the game
- "Tough loss for us. We came out and gave it our all but we didn't make the plays at the end when we had to. I honestly don't know what happened. We were playing a great game and when it came down to it, we didn't make the plays.  They're a great team and you've got to play a whole game to beat them. We didn't do that. I give all the credit to them. They’re a great team.”

On the home crowd - "It's a tough place. They've got great fans. They were on us all game long. We had some offsides penalties maybe because of the noise. They're a tough team."

On his forced fumble - "It was all just being in the right position. They do a lot of reads on options, a lot of stuff with their eyes, and we were just falling for it. So we had to recorrect ourselves, be in positions, and we made plays."


S Greg Laybourn
On the game - “It’s up there at the top of the toughest losses I’ve had. It hurts worse when you really think you should have won it.”

On Utah's passing sucess in the final 2:18 - “We were doing a good job stopping the run, and they weren’t getting much through the air, either. Then we just loosened up a little bit. I don’t know if we got tentative or what it was, but they found some passing lanes.”

On the pass interference call on him during the two point conversion - “I didn’t think it was pass interference. I didn’t see where the ball was thrown. I was looking at (Reed), so I didn’t see where the ball was. I think that’s why they called it. Somebody told me it was uncatchable and shouldn’t have been called. They called it, but that didn’t lose us the game. We had another chance to make a play, but they scored on the next play. We didn’t step up and make the play.”

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