Beavs offer in-stater from OSU pipeline

LAKE OSWEGO HIGH has long produced a steady stream of future members of the black and orange. Another prep standout from the '09 L-O vintage has been offered by Mike Riley. And he, like his high school teammate and quarterback who also has a full ride offer from Oregon State, had rave reviews for the Beavers' coaches. He talks timetable, what he's looking for in a school and more.

Oregon State has put an offer on the table to Micah Hatfield, a 6-0, 170-pound receiver out of Lake Oswego. The Beavs have also offered L-O quarterback Jack Lomax.

"It's a very good school and obviously, they have a very good reputation. When I went down to meet their coaching staff -- I think personally it's the best coaching staff I've ever met," said Hatfield.

HATFIELD SAID while things can always change, he estimated a decision could come sooner rather than later. Oregon State is atop his list.

"It seems like they genuinely love their kids and what to see them get better...they're a lot like our program, I think," said Hatfield. "Our coach and coach Riley... they seem a lot alike in how they coach. They try to focus on being a family as a football team, and that's something I really like and I don't want to ever lose that going into college."

Lake Oswego coach Steve Coury played for the Beavers. Among the OSU notables the high school has produced in recent years: Will Darkins, Marcus Henderson, Gabe Miller and Keith Robertson.

HATFIELD GAINED OSU attention at a Beavs' one-day camp this summer, he said. Receivers coach Jay Locey and others then invited him to attend their upcoming full contact camp.

"Me and my quarterback Jack went down for only a day because the coaches wanted to talk to us and to see us do the same thing (in pads) we had done the first time," he said.

"That's when they said they really started to notice and that they really liked me. They said they were kind of close to offering then but wanted to see the first two games and see how I did."

MUCH LIKE WITH Lomax, the game against Clackamas, where OSU offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf was in attendance, appears to have been the catalyst for the Beaver offer.

"I didn't really expect it at all..when (Riley) offered, I was kind of speechless at the time," said Hatfield.

Since then, a number of schools have come calling.

"Oregon has said they're interested, Boise State a little bit too, and then Colorado and Air Force," said Hatfield.

HATFIELD SAID THE Beavs like him on offense but he could end up at a few different receiver spots.

"When coach Riley actually called and offered, we were talking about what I'd do and he said they'd probably redshirt me and they weren't sure just yet if I'd be a slotback, flanker or out wide -- they weren't sure yet, they just wanted me to play for them," said Hatfield.

THE BOOK ON HATFIELD is an advanced route runner with sure hands. He also has a little giddy-up to his game.

"They (OSU) said while I was a good possession receiver, I was also a deep threat," said Hatfield. "They said I was an all-around good receiver, which I really appreciated.

"Coach Locey is a very good coach and seems a down to earth guy. The receivers are good out there, so you know he's doing a very good job," said Hatfield.

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