QUOTES: "It's about finishing"

IT TOOK A last minute pick six by Keenan Lewis to seal the deal, but the Beavers chalked up another "W" in the win column. Here's the quotes from Mike Riley, Lyle Moevao, Victor Butler and others.

Coach Mike Riley

On the win - “It was a good football game between two teams that really went after each other. I was really proud of our team for being relentless. That’s what I thought we were. That was a good sign of who our team is. I’m hoping that’s the identity of this team, that when it gets tough, we just rise up. Our perseverance is becoming a good trait. The last three games have been close at halftime. To stay with it and win the games whenever you can, it’s a good sign. I was proud of the guys today for that. There were a lot of things that happened; they made some plays. When we came out of halftime and it was a tight game, I just didn’t think our guys were going to get beat.”

On Moevao - “Lyle can barely talk. He’s sick. Really, Lyle’s health was evident Friday.He threw the ball really well and if there was anything Saturday, and I thought about it after the game, he’s sick. So I guess he wasn’t at his top. I thought he made a lot of good throws on third down, I thought he made some plays and I tell you what, Cal’s pass defense, for what they gave us, is as good as it gets.”

On Moevao's interception - “It was an unusual read. He made a good read and we were running a play we run a lot. A big angle across by Sammie and a post by James and James probably could have stayed a little thinner, but (Cal's) Thompson came off the backside corner and made that play. We run that play a lot and I have to say I’ve never seen that play made by the backside corner. He came off of his receiver and went high. It was well done by him.”

On the kickoff return by James Rodgers - “That return by (James Rodgers) was the perfect answer. Both these teams have people who are very capable in the return game. Both defenses played well and it was going to come down to who took care of the ball and took advantage of opportunities.”

On the defense holding California to less than 100 yards on the ground - “I think there are two things that are involved there. One of them is the tenacity, performance, effort and speed of our defense. The other thing is the game plan put together by Mark Banker and the other defensive coaches. They put our guys in position to make plays.”

On Kevin Riley - "Kevin Riley is a tough kid, and is tough to sack. You usually need a couple guys to take him down, but I thought we did a nice job of making it tough for him to complete passes and make plays."

On allowing one net yard in the fourth quarter - “That’s when you win the games. That’s crunch time. When we didn’t make that field goal it was going to be very hard, but to do that defensively, and make them throw and basically pick off a couple of passes, that was really putting an exclamation point on it.”

On the offensive line and Jacquizz Rodgers - “That was one of those things where yardage was hard to come by and it came in spurts. We talked about running with perseverance. It was not going to be easy early.”

On the big kickoff and punt returns - “They were both low hang-time kicks. A lot of kick returns are based on the opportunity to return the ball, how much space you have between you and the opponent when you catch the ball.”

On the slim lead in the fourth quarter - “It hangs out there, only a six-point lead. But I was really impressed with our defensive effort. It was outstanding, and Cal has a lot of variety (on offense. The Bears) gave us all the stuff today, and they hit some plays. But when it got down to crunch time, we were relentless defensively.”


QB Lyle Moevao

On the game - “It was a good team win overall. Everybody did a good job of staying with it. We knew ball control was most important. We knew coming into this game that there would be nothing wrong with punting the ball the way our defense is playing. Everybody did a great job of staying on it, fighting. That was a good team we went against. Cal’s no joke. They came to play. Coach always talks about, going up against teams like this, you have to go four quarters, all three hours, 27 minutes to break their will. It took about three hours, 26 minutes today.

On the offensive line - “It just shows how confident we are in the guys up front, handling their assignments, and making holes for Quizz to squeeze through. Counting down those last few minutes, when Cal started stacking eight in the box, I told the guys in the huddle, ‘This is going to be our hardest 13 yards to get this whole day.’ They did a great job of handling that.”

On the Quizz - “Quizz (Jacquizz Rodgers) did a good job again. Our offensive line did a great job handling up front. But we know we had to come out in the second half strong.”

On how he felt coming back from injury - “No tweaks at all, no pain at all during the whole game. I think it was just the adrenaline that was getting me out there and being able to go through all my throws without any pain. I felt pretty good. It was a little rough to start off but it won’t be long until I’m back to normal again. The shoudler wasn't a problem."

On Arizona next week - “It’s not going to get any easier from here on out. We’ve got Arizona in Arizona and Oregon at home. We are definitely looking forward to some good games.”

On his interception - "I just had to get back in the mood of throwing those deep ones. I know that first one that was intercepted was great coverage by them. “ames ran a great route and I sailed it a little bit too much to the middle of the field. The defensive back did a great job of taking advantage of that.”

On two more wins for the Rose Bowl - “The thing about having that in the backs of our minds is we get hungry for it. We want it so bad and we know what we have to do to get there.”


WR James Rodgers

On the game - “We are just taking it one game at a time. Next week we have Arizona and after tomorrow we are going to look at film and try to get better.”

On his performance on the kickoff return for touchdown -“If a team scores on us first, we have to come answer, and that’s what we did. I was just trying to make a play. There was great blocking up front by the kickoff return team and I just hit the hole and it was off to the races."

On the win - “It means we have to practice way harder and prepare for the next opponent. We probably have the bull’s eye on our back now. Sunday we’ll watch video, work to get better and get ready for Arizona next week.”

DE Victor Butler

On the big plays by Sammie Stroughter and James Rodgers - “That’s exciting. You love to see plays like that whether you’re a defensive guy or a redshirt guy in the stands. It gets you pumped up, and it makes you want to do your job even better because you’ve got someone fighting just as hard for you.”

On the defense - “With a defense like ours, we love any and every opportunity to play defense. We’re taught to like any and every opportunity to play defense. Whether it’s 27-21 or 27-10, we want to get back on the field and do what we can to help our team win.”

On the game - "This win is a big deal, but every game is important. We got Cal out of the way. Now we've got a two-game season."

DE Slade Norris

On the game - “An all-out team victory. We had a lot of fun out there. Our goal going in was to stop the run. They’re a power-running team, and we wanted to make them one-dimensional. Once we got that run stopped and they started going into the pass offense, we were going to pin our ears back and go for it. I think we kind of got in Kevin Riley's head a little bit, got him frustrated."

On Moevao - "Lyle's a playmaker. If he's gonna go ahead and say he can play, I'm gonna be fully behind. He did a great job. I'm proud of him."

On Best's 65-yard touchdown run - “That was mostly a misalignment breakdown on our part. We gave that one to ’em. But we bounced back from it.

CB Keenan Lewis

On his interception - "We were playing zone coverage. I saw Kevin Riley drop back and I just read his eyes, and I saw it release out of his hands and I just knew, 'I gotta make a play."

On the game - "We definitely knew we couldn’t let them score. We wanted this game so bad. We worked hard all week and we knew we had to make a play."

On Cal's early score - “It was early in the game. We know what type of team we are. It’s about finishing, not about how you start.”

RB Jacquizz Rodgers

On his play - "You're put on this stage to perform. I just try to perform on a high level. And my line, they do a great job week in and week out blocking."

On the game - “On film, you could tell the Bears were a great defense. They stopped the run almost every game. It was a big thing for us to come in and try to pound them. We had some adjustment during halftime and went with a regular zone play. Their defense wasn’t coming upfield. They stayed and punched and canceled our gaps. The second half, we fixed that.”

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