QUOTES: "We're 106 bodies, one heart"

IT TOOK ALL 60 minutes for Oregon State to secure their eighth win of the season in Tucson. Here's what Mike Riley, Victor Butler, Justin Kahut and others had to say after the game.

Coach Mike Riley

On Quizz playing this week - “We will look at it. They worked hard for him to get back in the game. Then we made the decision we didn’t want to risk it.”

On the comeback - “Our team has a tendency to make it as hard as they possible can. We were going to let them back in and then see if we can win it. That’s us right now. Nobody blinked. The main thing about that end of the game, we just would not be denied. Nobody got nervous; they just played, and made plays. That was beautiful.”

On his team - "You can’t put a finger on it but it’s what we said about ‘em last week that is becoming evident. When the going is hard, some people shrink and some people rise up. Well, this group is proving, which is a great identity to have, they rise up. There’s nothing that happens that is dramatic. There’s no parting of the Red Sea, but it’s just there. I’m humbled watching that with this team. They just don’t quit.”

On the fly sweep being successful - “It’s always part of what we do and as we got going, we felt, not that they were vulnerable to it, but we had good balance with it."

On going for it on 4th and 1 on the UA49 - “I shouldn’t have gone on the second one; it was a little too far. I didn’t like the momentum Arizona had offensively at the time, and we were doing OK with the short yardage stuff. I basically was wrong.”

On the backups - “Ryan McCants competed like crazy and moved the pile sometimes, and would not be denied. Jeremy went in and performed. In the long-run, it’s helpful for our team. In the short-run, to compensate for a player like Quizz or the starting quarterback not being in there. That’s a great sign for us.”

On Arizona - “This was really hard. Mike is doing a great job with that program. This is his best team. It’s balanced, and they play really hard. We knew it was going to be a very hard game; we got everything we wanted and barely escaped it.”

On Quizz's injury - “They worked hard to get him back in the game, and Quizz was trying, but we basically made the decision that we didn’t want to risk anything.”

On his team's depth - “We played without Lyle, we played without Quizz, and that’s what we expect from our team. I’m proud of the guys. Everybody expected Sean would do well, and he did. And we have good backs behind Quizz, and they showed what they can do. The depth of what you need to be a good team was evident tonight.”


WR James Rodgers

On the win - “We’re feeling good about the win, but we’ve got one more to go. We’ll go in, watch the film and get ready for Oregon.”


DE Victor Butler

On the Civil War - This week is going to be an amazing game. They want to win, we want to win. There are two great coaches going at it. I can’t wait to see what happens. When it’s over and when the clock strikes zero, whatever the score is, we have to have put the best effort we can put fourth and then go from there to a bowl game."

On when Quizz left the game - “When we saw Quizz go out we knew as a unit and a team we had to step it up a whole other notch. We had to give and create opportunities for the offense.”

On the win - “It means a lot. If you win by one or 30, it always feels good. And we had a guy miss an extra point and come back to kick the winning field goal. He knew his teammates still had faith in him and he was never scared. I thank God for Justin Kahut.”

On the quarterbacks - “To be honest, we thought Lyle was going to start. We were surprised to see Sean in there, but but we didn’t care. Both have good leadership qualities. I’m proud to have any one of them in there.”

On the team - “We’re 106 bodies, one heart. From the quarterback down to the long snapper. You look at the guy next to you, and you want to work hard for him, because you know he’s working hard for you.”


QB Sean Canfield

On the defense - “Our defense worked too hard in the second half, and it was up to us to get it going,” QB Sean Canfield said. “But it the end the defense was still plugging away. They did a great job for us.”

On getting the start - “I was ready. I don’t prepare any differently; I watch the same amount of film whether I’m starting or not.”

On the implications of a Civil War win - “It’s awesome. This will probably be the biggest game Reser Stadium has ever seen. This year has just been crazy.“

On the final drive - "We knew what we had to do; we've run the two-minute drill every day in practice."

On the backup running backs - “Jeremy and Ryan did awesome. They are all different players. Jeremy caught some screens and Ryan jammed the hole to get some extra yards. They stepped up. Those two can be starting, but Quizz is Quizz.“

On the game - “It was a little bit of a slow start for us. But they are a good defense. We didn’t do anything major in the second half. We just ran our stuff and kept at it.”

On when Rodgers dropped the touchdown pass - “I don’t think I’ve ever seen that thing happen with Rodgers. He said, ‘Sorry,’ "

On the pass to Stroughter and James - "Their cornerbacks were playing outside all day. Langsdorf made a great call on those two (to Stroughter and James Rodgers), and Sammie made a play. Down to the seven-yard line - end of story.”

On the final field goal - “I was pretty confident. Middle of the field. Justin is a great kicker. He’s still young, but he’s making some great kicks for us.”


K Justin Kahut

On his missed PAT - “"Wow, I was in disbelief. I've been hitting my PATs in practice and games well, and my warmup here was unbelievable. I felt so good. That's why I just didn't understand. Why did that happen? I think I pulled my head up. I had a feeling something was going to happen. I really didn’t think that me missing the PAT was how it was going to end. I did not want to end it on that. We worked so hard and we deserved to win this game. We deserve to go to the Rose Bowl.”

On his game winning field goal - “I felt pretty confident going out there because I didn’t think that me missing the PAT was how it was going to go down,” Kahut said. “As a kicker you want to be in that situation. I was either going to be a hero or a zero, and tonight I guess I was a little bit of both.”


WR Sammie Stroughter

On the game - “It’s Oregon State, and we have nothing easy. We’ve got to stay true to ourselves and play the Beaver way.”

On his 47-yard reception to setup the field goal - “Everybody wants the ball on this team, and that’s what’s so great. Everybody is willing to step up and be the man. I had the opportunity when they called my number and I thank the Lord, but when we need a big play, you’ve got to step up. Coach (Danny) Langsdorf is our eyes in the sky. He called a great play. Sean made a heck of a play, too. He stayed with his read and did what he needed to do.”

On James' dropped pass - “James is a great player. He wants the ball in their hands. He was foaming at the mouth to get the next ball. That’s what I like about this team. We have tenacity, people playing with passion.”


OG Adam Speer

On what he told Kahut - “Before the last drive, I told him, ‘Get ready. You’re going to win this game for us,’? And of course, he did.”


OG Gregg Peat

On the Beavers final touchdown - “When we scored that touchdown, I was ecstatic. The missed PAT hurt. It hurt all of us. But it’s not the Beaver way to shy away from the game. We were relentless. We knew we’d have another shot. We made it happen.”

On the running backs - “We all love Quizz for what he is and what he does. We don’t feel great about him not playing, but we have such good backs behind him. We knew those guys could step up and run. Both of them were hitting holes. As an offensive lineman, you love it.”

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