Simone gives thumbs up to Oregon State trip

THE WEATHER ALL AROUND the Northwest has delayed the arrival back home of Gino Simone, as well as a number of other Beaver official visitors this weekend, but that didn't damper the highly regarded wide receiver's enthusiasm about his weekend trip to Corvallis.

WR Gino Simone, (6-0, 175, 4.6)   
Issaquah, Wash., Skyline High

There were only seven arrivals and 13 departures out of the Portland airport yesterday. Issaquah's Gino Simone was all but on a plane headed for home Sunday afternoon when the flights began to be cancelled in rapid fire fashion.

Simone said he hopes to head home later this morning, along with a number of other Beaver visitors, but he was good enough to give BF.C the story on how his Oregon State weekend went.

Gut reaction:
"It was cool. The coaches were really cool and the players were real fun. We went paintballing...they separated it into teams of 20. Our team never lost, it was pretty fun," said Simone.

On meeting the Oregon State players:
"My host was Geno Munoz and he was really cool. He did a good job of really just putting things into perspective and not just saying come to Oregon State, come to Oregon State. One of the guys I ended up talking a lot to was Shane Morales, and I really liked talking to him. He had some great insight having been around for a while," said Simone.

Sitting down with receivers coach Jay Locey and talking football:
"That was cool, we sat down and talked and watched a bunch of film and it was good to hear his analysis of things I do well and things I can do better," said Simone.

Meeting the other recruits, breakfast at Mike Riley's and watching Michele Langsdorf tear it up on the strings:
"I got to meet a lot of good guys who were there, and the breakfast at coach Riley's house was really good. A lot of the coaches brought their wives and their kids, (all the recruits) were there and a lot of us were playing Guitar Hero. Coach Langsdorf's wife was ripping it up pretty good, she's good. It was fun, they had it all catered out, it was nice.

The one thing that stood out most:
"The thing that stood out to me were the team building things they do, like going paintballing as a team. Not a lot of teams are going to do stuff like that. That does a lot to bring a team together," said Simone.

Where he goes from here:
"Obviously having just been to Oregon State they're looking pretty good. But I'm going to let the (immediate visit feeling) come down a little bit and then just really find out where I feel comfortable. And in the end I'll make the decision that's right for me," said Simone.

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