Chris Henry Makes His College Choice

A week ago we spoke with Stockton (Calif.) Edison running back Chris Henry who was leaning big to Oregon State and saying there was a strong chance he would be committing there. After his official visit to Arizona this past weekend, the Wildcats made up a lot of ground. So who will be getting Henry's signature in February?

"I committed last night to Arizona," Henry said. "Coach Mackovic called me last night and I told him I was coming and then called Coach Long as well. I'm so excited right now, I know I made the right decision. I made my decision based on a lot of factors but first and foremost, I felt Arizona was a better fit for me academically. They're a little stronger than Oregon State and have tougher entrance requirements, that was important to me.

"Another big factor was the weather. I'm a warm weather guy and at Oregon State, I knew I was going to have to adapt to the cold and rain there but at Arizona, it's just how I like it. The environment at the school was also much different than what I expected. The players are real close to each other and I got along really well with all of the coaches.

"I talked to Coach Mackovic and a lot of the players about what happened (player revolt) and they all assured me it was just a select group of guys doing the complaining. One thing that Coach Mackovic said really stuck with me. He said he plans on being there at Arizona for awhile and wants to help build up the program there. What impressed though was he said, 'Chris, everywhere you go, you're not assured that the head coach or your position coach will be there all four years so pick a school because of the school itself and find a place where you'll feel most comfortable at away from football.'

"For me, that was Arizona. I'll get a chance to play running back there and in fact, that's the only position they talked to me about. The facilities and weight training program are great. They're heavy in to plyometrics and speed training there and that's my thing as well so I know I'll fit in really well there on and off the field."

Henry had committed to Cal prior to the season but de-committed mid-way through the year to explore other options. He said he's a solid commit and won't be taking any other visits.

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