ROUNDUP: Recruiting wins; Riley on Langsdorf

NEWSPAPER ACCOUNTS AND cyberspace were abuzz the past several days with rumors of Danny Langsdorf in talks with Miami about their offensive coordinator's job. Not the case, says Mike Riley. Not even close.

Mike Riley talked to the Oregonian from the recruiting trial -- where he and Danny Langsdorf are blazing a trail through Texoma -- and said not only is Langsdorf not in talks with Miami, he's never even heard from anyone from the Hurricanes organization.

"I've been with Danny since Monday, driving around Texas and Oklahoma," says Riley. "Danny doesn't know (Miami coach) Randy Shannon, he's never been contacted by anyone from the school.

"He doesn't know anything about it."

Case closed.

A newspaper blog in the Sun Sentinel was the latest catalyst for the Langsdorf job speculation but there had been rumors floating around in cyberspace going back at least as far as Jan. 7.

No matter. In the end, Langsdorf and the OSU coaching staff appear to have been doing exactly what you would expect them to be doing this time of year -- racking up the recruiting miles and beating down bushes, or in the case of Riley and Langsdorf earlier this week, the sagebrush.

Meanwhile, Oregon State has been closing with a furry in the recruiting wars.

The Beavs this week won a fierce recruiting battle for one of the nation's top rated offensive linemen (rated nationally the No. 4 OG, No. 9 OT on this year) in Michael Philipp.

Last night, OSU scored with Markus Wheaton, a dynamic receiver whom many had long speculated was a lock for Oregon.

Philipp and Wheaton between them had dozens of offers and from all the usual suspects -- USC, Cal, Stanford, UCLA, Oregon and more.

The Beavers are expected to put less than the maximum of 25 initials on scholarship this year in order to reach the 85 total allowed by the NCAA. But they'll be close to that 25 figure.

And the fact they're still hard at work out on the road would indicate they're working on some other high value targets on the black and orange radar.

Signing Day is Feb. 4.

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