Robert Gustavis Still Interested in Beavs

Robert Gustavis, a 6-3, 270 pound offensive lineman from North Torrance (Calif.) visited Cal this weekend and said he had a good time. But the offensive lineman is looking forward to his vist at Oregon State in early January.

"I had a fun time," Gustavis said. "I got along well with the players and I enjoyed going out with my host and seeing San Francisco. They had jerseys with our name on it and announced each player on the scoreboard at their stadium. Arizona did that too but it was still cool to see, it surprised me.

"I would say Arizona still has a slight lead because Cal hasn't offered me yet. It's real close though. If Cal did offer me, I couldn't tell you who my leader would be, I like both schools a lot."

Gustavis will take one more trip before making his decision and that will be to Oregon State (Jan. 10).

"I'm definitely interested in Oregon State," Gustavis said. "They're right there with the other two and I'm looking forward to the trip. I'll be ready to make my decision after that visit."

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