BY THE NUMBERS: From 1 to 100, OSU at WSU

IF THE STATISTICS, numbers, facts and figures are any indication, the tilt on the hardcourt today between Oregon State (10-13, 4-8) and Washington State (13-11, 5-7) will be a tightly contested, defensive matchup characterized by few fouls. Last time, the Cougs needed a spirited second half comeback to notch a win in overtime. By the numbers, from 1 to 100, on Oregon State at Washington State.

1 - Washington State ranks first in the nation in scoring defense
3 - Freshman DeAngelo Casto ranks third in the Pac-10 with 1.3 blocks per game despite coming off the bench most of the season
3.5 - Washington State's rebound margin, good for fourth in the Pac-10
4.2 - Blocked shots per game by Washington State, No. 2 in the Pac-10
4.8 - Number of assists per game by Taylor Rochestie
5 - The current win streak Washington State holds over OSU
5.2 - Average scoring margin this season for Washington State
5.8 - Avg. number of 3-point field goals by WSU 
6.2 - Avg. number of 3-point field goals by OSU
6.8 - Oregon State's steals per game
6-11 - The height of Roeland Schaftenaar, Oregon State's point-forward
9 - The number of games Daniel Deane has led Oregon State in rebounding (or tied for lead)
11.5 - Turnovers per game by Washington State
14.7 - No. of personal fouls a game by WSU, sixth fewest in the nation
15.1 - Avg. number of points scored per game by Oregon State's Calvin Haynes, who comes off the bench but averages 34.1 minutes
15.4 - No. of personal fouls a game by OSU, the 21st fewest in the nation
18.2 - Avg. points scored by Klay Thompson over his last six games (13.0 season avg.)
19 - The number of games Aron Baynes has led Washington State in rebounding (or tied for lead)
35.4 - 3-point field goal defensive percentage allowed by Washington State, second to last in the Pac-10
37.7 - Field-Goal Percentage on Defense by Washington State, good for No. 8 in nation
43.6 - Field goal percentage for WSU
46.0 - Field goal percentage for OSU
53.8 - Number of points allowed by Washington State per game
59.6 - Number of points scored by Oregon State per game 
62.7 - Number of points allowed by Oregon State per game, fourth best in the Pac-10
66 - The number of assists this season by Schaftenaar, tops for Oregon State
76.9 - The free throw percentage of Washington State, No. 6 in the nation
88.6 - The free throw percentage of Taylor Rochestie, third in the Pac-10 and No. 14 in the nation
100 - The number of blocks this season by Washington State, two fewer than all of last season

Rickey Claitt's foul situation will be one to watch. At Washington, the Beavs played the Huskies even-up in the first half until Claitt took a seat with his fourth foul. Washington's second half surge also coincided with Claitt picking up his fourth foul and heading to the bench.

The Beavers like to run the offense through Schaftenaar out at the top of the circle and have enjoyed their best games when his deft passes find the mark. He can also score from inside or out. But ASU harassed and hand checked him into a non-factor a week ago, giving him virtually no room to breathe and the OSU offense faded. In the following game against Washington, OSU surprised by running the offense mostly through Beavers other than Schaftenaar. If Washington State doesn't smother him like ASU, look for OSU to return to running their offense through the 6-11 point forward.

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