How QB shapes up for spring ball

CORVALLIS -- In Week 8 of last season, Lyle Moevao was injured against Arizona State. The Beavers' starting quarterback would miss the rest of that game and two more all told but started the final two games of the season including the bowl game win. But the reason why Lyle Moevao will miss the upcoming spring session might well be found in that win over ASU back on the first day of November.

Mike Riley said today that he couldn't say for sure but the arm injury may have had it's beginnings when Lyle Moevao was hurt early in the second quarter Nov. 1 against ASU.

Riley said he noticed less velocity on Moevao's passes the rest of the season and thought something might be amiss. It ultimately led to recent tests and the surgery scheduled for Monday.

"It was frankly just a gut feeling that I had," said Riley.

Whether Moevao is out for 6 weeks or four months said Riley depends in large part on how the surgery, scheduled for Monday, goes.

"They won't really know the extent of it until they get in there," said Riley.

RILEY SAID THAT even if Moevao had been 100 percent this spring, there would have been a quarterback battle between he and Sean Canfield, both seniors-to-be.

"It would have always been competitive," said Riley.

Canfield came in for Moevao against ASU, started at UCLA, and then two weeks later got the start again at Arizona. Canfield's performance at Arizona was especially impressive, leading the game winning drive while backed up on his own 20-yard line with 1:19 left in the 19-17 Beaver win.

Canfield also seemed to play at his best in the second half, and mostly when the outcome was in the balance.

Canfield is the Beavers' clear No. 1 headed into spring ball, but Ryan Katz and Peter Lalich should get plenty of reps, said Riley.

With Lalich, Riley wants to know just what the Beavs have in the quarterback transfer.

"I've just got to find about the guy as the quarterback...I've seen Peter throw the ball (but) it is something of a mystery to me as to how (he would be) quarterbacking this team. It's like a guy you've recruited -- you know he's a good player. Now can he quarterback, and execute within what we do," said Riley.

Riley also said Moevao's absence will "escalate" the reps seen by Katz, the redshirt freshman many have pegged to be the Beavs' quarterback of the future.

"I'm very excited about Katz," said Riley.

Justin Engstrom will also get plenty of spring work.

"We'll practice a little bit longer in the spring...we intend to get those guys (Canfield, Katz, Lalich, Engstrom) as many reps as we can," said Riley.

BF.C will have more from Riley today and tomorrow

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