A Postseason Report: A Top-10 List of My Own

One thing I like about this time of year is the plethora of Top-10 lists that appear in many magazines and newspapers. There are always lists of the top 10 movies, the top 10 books, top 10 CD's, top 10 Jennifer Lopez fiancées and so on. Here is my Top-10 list of best Beaver stuff from 2002.

Top-10 Best Beaver Stuff from 2002

  1. 2002 Civil War. Number one has to be the 2002 Civil War. The Beavers dominated the Ducks, and left no doubt that Corvallis was the home of the best college football team in Oregon.
  2. Steven Jackson. There are more than 1,656 reasons that Steven Jackson is on this list. He can run (obviously), catch the ball (just ask the Ducks), block, and looks good doing it. I'm believin' in Steven as a legitimate Heisman candidate for 2003 and 2004.
  3. Dennis Weathersby and Terrell Roberts in the secondary. These guys were solid all year. It is going to be strange to look out at the Beaver defense and not see #21 out there
  4. Linebacker play. The linebackers were highly touted in the preseason and they more than lived up to the hype. This unit should be great again next year.
  5. Defensive line play. Just like the linebackers, this unit, especially the tackles, received a lot of attention in the preseason and delivered. Dwan Edwards and Eric Manning were uperb and James Lee was a pleasant surprise. The defensive ends got better and better as the season went on and should be very good next year.
  6. Speaking of getting better and better. The offensive line once recovered from a shaky start to become a solid unit by the end of the season. Big Mike Kuykendall will be missed but I am hoping the O-line will be strong the entire 2003 season.
  7. Kirk Yliniemi. Kirk made the place kicker position solid once again. He showed in the Pittsburgh game that he is capable of hitting the long kicks as well as the short ones. Even better than Kirk's kicking ability is the never ending source of material that the spelling and mispronunciation of his name gives yours truly.
  8. Believer Tim received the "Little Daddy Orange" award for becoming the first person to post 500 messages on the Beaverfootball.com message board. Tim followed up this historic accomplishment by becoming the first person to receive the "Beaverfootball.com is My Life" award for the distinction of becoming the first 1000 post poster. Whether it's defending the Beavers, flaming opponents, or just saying "Hello", Tim does it all. Posters come and posters go, but there is only one Believer Tim.
  9. KEZI and OSU get into it over who will announce the Civil War game. This was a classic confrontation and showed how silly/fun the Civil War gets. In the words of W. Foster, "Civil War is an apt title for what occurs Civil War week. Neutrality is out of the question. Democrat/Republican, Male/Female, smoker/non-smoker and all such everyday distinctions are not what divide us. It cuts through offices, churches, clubs and families. There are only Beavers and there are only Ducks." (I know I've used this quote before, but it's soooo true.)
  10. The coaching staff should have no trouble motivating the Beavers for next season. All they have to say is, "Insight Bowl."

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