2009 Class look back; OSU does more with less

IT'S LONG BEEN felt that Oregon State is one of the top teams in the country that does the most with the least. Here are some numbers that bear that out. As Scout prepares to release its first set of positional rankings for the 2010 class with the Scout 300 and beyond next week, let's take a look back at the Class of 2009 and find out where these players are coming from.

Scout is scheduled to release its first positions rankings including the Scout 300 and beyond next week. It took an extra month to close the door on the Class of 2009, but let's take a quick look back at the Class of 2009 as a whole before diving head first into the Class of 2010 next week.

Scout breaks its recruiting regions into four main categories and has four regional managers to be in charge of the rankings that come out of these regions. Those regions can be
found here, and they are broken down as North, Southeast, Midland, and West.
Region # Signees
Southeast 862
North 696
Midland 511
West 372

According to the Scout database, the Southeast region once again paced the nation in sending prep players to the college ranks with a whopping 862 players that signed scholarships. Texas fueled the Midland region with 384 signees from the Lone Star State, making up a whopping 75% of the region's college players in the Class of 2009. 

I also broke down the numbers by BCS Signees by region. The North had the highest percentage of its Division 1 signees sign with BCS schools. The North Region placed 427 players at BCS Schools, Southeast: 791, Midland: 267, West: 178.

Texas was once again the king of the states in signees with 384. Florida comes in at No. 2 with 315, and California is third with 220. Ohio and Georgia typically trade places from year to year at the No. 4 spot; this year, they shared it, each state having 157 Division 1 Signees. Georgia outpaced Ohio in BCS Signees 95 to 78.

The state of Louisiana is back on the rise after going backwards in signees post-Katrina. Louisiana claimed the No. 6 spot with 86 signees, but being bolstered by instate non-BCS schools, the number of BCS signees out of the Pelican State fell to 32, which placed Louisiana 13th in number of players sent to BCS schools.

When looking at states on the rise, one must take a hard look at the state of Virginia. 73 players were signed from the high school ranks in Virginia, good enough to tie for 8th with the state of Alabama for overall signees. 61 of those players signed with BCS Schools, a remarkable percentage considering there are only two BCS schools within its state borders. The total of 61 was good enough for 6th in total numbers, and its 84% BCS Signee ratio put the Old Dominion State in first place for states that signed at least 15 college prospects.

West Virginia gets the nod for the team that does the most with the least. The state of West Virginia only produced five D1 signees in the Class of 2009. Runner ups in this category would include the Nebraska (7) and
Oregon and Oregon State whose home state only produced 10 signees in 2009.

All told, the Scout database shows that 2,448 high school players signed college scholarships with D1 schools for the Class of 2009.

Moving on to the Post Grad ranks, Hargrave Military Academy in Chatham, Va. was once again top of the heap. Robert Prunty's Tigers placed 22 players in D1 colleges for the Class of 2009. To help put that number in perspective, that's more players than 22 entire states. John Schuman's Fork Union team finished second with 10 players headed to D1 colleges next year. All told, the two Virginia powerhouses made up more than half of all Post Graduate football players that signed D1 scholarships this year.

The junior college route to D1 college is still alive and strong. At this point, 280 players, or roughly 10% of all D1 signees are coming from the junior college ranks. Non BCS schools signed junior college players at a higher rate than BCS Schools. 56.4% of Junior College signees headed to Non-BCS Schools as opposed to 44.3% of high school players. 

The three big states of California (131), Mississippi (39), and Kansas (37) once again produced the most signees in the JC ranks, but Texas is popping up on the scene with 25 players heading to the college ranks. El Camino Community College in Torrence, Calif. led the nation with 13 signees. The College of the Sequoias in Visilia, Calif. and Georgia Military College in Milledgeville, Ga. finished tied for second with 11 each.

For a complete look at the signees by state, I've broken it down by total numbers and BCS signees by state. Of the Independents,
Notre Dame was treated as a BCS school, while the others were treated as Non BCS.

TX 384 TX 190
FL 315 FL 183
CA 220 CA 114
GA 157 GA 95
OH 157 OH 78
LA 86 VA 61
PA 75 NC 43
AL 73 PA 42
VA 73 SC 40
NC 66 NJ 38
MI 64 MD 37
IL 61 AL 36
OK 54 LA 32
MD 53 IL 31
SC 51 OK 30
NJ 50 MS 28
TN 48 MI 27
MS 46 IN 23
IN 41 TN 22
AZ 38 AZ 20
HI 28 MO 17
UT 26 NY 16
KY 24 CO 14
MO 24 KY 14
CO 23 WA 13
NY 23 AR 12
NV 22 CT 11
AR 20 IA 11
WA 19 HI 10
CT 13 KS 9
WI 12 MA 8
IA 11 MN 8
KS 11 WI 8
OR 10 OR 7
MA 9 NV 6
MN 9 DE 5
ID 8 DC 4
DE 7 NE 4
NE 7 UT 4
Can 6 Can* 3
DC 6 ID 3
WV 5 NH 3
NM 4 MT 2
NH 3 WV 2
MT 2 AK 1
AK 1 ND 1
AS** 1 AS 0
ND 1 NM 0
WY 1 WY 0

**American Samoa

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