SPRING BALL DAY 6: Offense clicking

CORVALLIS-Darrell Catchings was a ball-hawking Jimmy on Friday, with head-turning catches galore. Firing those passes, Sean Canfield, who showed his touch on the deep ball on Day 6. Meanwhile, the offensive line did a solid job of holding their own against their defensive counterparts and there's more on the offensive youth who turned heads on Friday. Plus, quotes from Mike Riley and CB Tim Clark.

Darrell Catchings had, through five practices this spring, interspersed an unfortunate number of drops to go along with some great catches. That wasn't the case in the sixth session, as Catchings on Friday grabbed virtually everything in the vicinity.

He owned junior cornerback James Dockery early in the first session of skelly, burning both him and sophomore safety Lance Mitchell on a deep ball. Sean Canfield showed perfect ball placement on the pass, leading Catchings to the ball to make the reception.

Later in the session, Catchings beat Dockery one-on-one on a deep ball, with Canfield again placing the pass perfectly for his receiver to make the reception.

Canfield, as expected, led the first teamers, with sophomore running back Jacquizz Rodgers in the backfield, junior wideouts James Rodgers and Darrell Catchings at the flanks and senior Brady Camp lined up at tight end.

The offensive line did a good job holding their own against the defensive line on Friday, keeping junior defensive tackle Stephen Paea in check and avoiding keeping the pass rush to a minimum.

Junior guards Gregg Peat and Ryan Pohl looked to be in mid-season form Friday, and will need to be, as the interior hosses are two of the elder linemen.

Sophomore left tackle Mike Remmers, the favorite to win the starting right tackle position (with Canfield a lefty and therefore RT protects his blindside), heard an earful from offensive line coach Mike Cavanaugh after blowing a block which allowed Paea to collapse a Ryan McCants running lane.

OVER AT THE slot, junior slotback Casey Kjos continued to impress, as he raced by junior safety Suaesi Tuimaunei on a deep out route early in the first session of skelly. Canfield delivered yet again another spot-on pass to Kjos for the completion near the sideline.

It was the Ryan McCants show in the rushing game for the offense on Friday with Quizz not participating in contact this spring. McCants, the redshirt sophomore running back, slammed into numerous defenders, showing a hard edged running style and bouncing off black shirts for big gains.

Early in the first session of scrimmage, McCants also took a Ryan Katz short pass, bounced off two big Beaver defenders, then took off down the sideline for a big gain.

AS FAR AS the young guns on the offensive side of the ball go, freshman running back Jovan Stevenson continues to show off his agility and cutting ability.

On one play, he took a swing pass from Sean Canfield and proceeded to juke out numerous defenders on his way to a huge gain.

Redshirt freshman split end Jordan Bishop has been a favorite target of the Oregon State quarterbacks and Friday was no exception. His number was called on numerous passing plays, the biggest gainer came on a deep ball from Ryan Katz.

Bishop outran sophomore safety Cameron Collins, and Katz dropped the ball right into the young wide receiver's hands.

THE HIT OF the day came from a pair of linebackers. On a reception by senior wide receiver Damola Adeniji. Adeniji turned after making the catch and came between a sandwich of senior strongside linebacker Keaton Kristick and sophomore middle linebacker David Pa'aluhi III.

The collision sent Adeniji straight to the turf.

THE PLAY OF the day came on the Canfield to Catchings connection early in the first skeleton drills session. Catchings had Dockery beaten deep from the beginning.

MOST OF THE prognosticators are picking the Beavs to finish in the lower half of the Pac-10 this season. The Beavers battle cry at the end of Friday's practice? "Rose Bowl!!!"

The end of week two in spring practices looked much like the end of the first week. Improvements had been made, eyes had been opened by coaches and fans alike, and Beaver Nation has more to look forward to in the coming weeks leading up to the Spring game on May 2. Mike Riley summed up the first two weeks.

"I just told them I am really happy with the progress. We have done a lot of football already -- we have worked the red zone, we have worked short yardage, third down, we have done two minute, we have done it all in two weeks. A lot of special teams, all of the special teams are in, so I feel good about that, and I feel good about the work and the work ethic," said Riley.

Riley on the secondary:
"It doesn't seem overly apparent to me as something missing. So that's a good thing, I think it's not unlike the receivers, though. There is flashes of some good play and looks pretty consistent, but there is a long way to go."

Riley on the corners:
"I think Tim (Clark) has looked solid and I think he will continue to rise and be the leader there. I think Patrick Henderson is showing some stuff. I think Brandon Hardin has, James Dockery has, and Keynan Parker has. All of them have ability and all of them are capable, and that is a good thing for us. Now somebody has to rise and win the job."

Riley on the younger receivers:
"I see ability, still a lot to learn, because it's one thing about running a pass route and making a play, and that's good, but them being able to adjust and do it the next time against a different coverage, and being able to play confidently knowing their assignments. They just have a long ways to go, but there has been some flashes of brilliance."

Riley on protecting the Rodgers brothers:
"It might be cautious, but not overly. I have been given as many as four good opinions that they are healthy, so that is good, but I don't see any need for their first time back doing stuff with our team to be contact. What I want them to do is to work into it. We are doing a lot of stuff with Quizz to get him ready on parts of the game. We are doing some stuff with James to get him ready to do what he does for this team, so we don't need any more from them right now, and I just don't want them getting hit."

Tim Clark on the status of this year's defense:
"We are always good in the Pac-10. We are just going to build up this Spring, get that chemistry and come with that same intensity and we are going to take off."

Clark on this year's pretty much brand new secondary:
"I think we're going to be pretty solid. We have a good caliber of athletes, all we have to do is build that chemistry up, and once we build that chemistry up the sky is the limit. I promise you, the secondary, we're going to get where we need to be, to better ourselves everyday and we are going to go out there and compete at a high level."

Clark on being one of the elders in the secondary:
"I have been in the system the longest, so I feel like I can almost complete my coach's sentences before they finish them. They just want me to take it upon myself to teach these younger guys so they won't have to have so much strain and they can just implement all the things that they want."

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