Theater and comedy around the Pac-10, Part II

I CONTINUE this spring to discover that new filters, ion (cough, scam) filters, Claritin, Zyrtek, Benadryl and Clorox are all no match for the orchards blossoming a few hundred yards from my abode, but my focus is elsewhere -- My season tickets are renewed, and I'm already looking forward to fall football -- plus all the comedy and tragedy that comes with it.

At Oregon State, my aunt's butcher's cousin texted me that Messrs. Gray and Pflugrad were spotted attending practice in Corvallis.

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Now, it's uncertain whether the thick binders they were carrying in with a big bow on top were Oregon playbooks or not but Gray, who coached the DL under Riley in 97-98 was NOT, contrary to previous reports, spotted in the parking lot hiding behind Joe Seumalo's car.

Pac-10 coordinators were heard to mutter a collective "aw, crap" as the news broke that star RB Jacquizz Rodgers received a positive prognosis on his MRI, while Bill Brasky admitted that even he was impressed that Lyle Moevao apparently played the latter part of this past year with a throwing shoulder held together with scotch tape and bits of string.

The irony was not lost on senior-to-be QB Canfield, who lost his job as a starter to a shoulder injury. Moevao reportedly won't even be able to get serious about throwing a football until July.

AT STANFORD, Jim Harbaugh continues to mystify onlookers on the question of whether he is a genius or certifiably nuts.

Harbaugh's surprising '08 squad (5-7) returns the most starters in the Pac 10, to which Harbaugh has decided that as many as 10 of his players will play both ways. A collective "what the hell, mate?" was said to be mumbled by his coaching staff immediately following the announcement according to

At the same time, rumors continue to bubble to the surface that Harbaugh is on the short list of candidates for the NY Jets and Oakland Raiders jobs. Which is possibly not nearly as interesting as the fact that the rumors were spawned from a website founded by Harbaugh's agent. Bob Sugar, eat your heart out. SHOW ME THE MONEEEEEYYYY!!

USC IS PUTTING on their best face this spring after the departure of QB Mark Sanchez, giving a "meh" and a shrug of the shoulders while turning to Mitch "Megadeth rules" Mustain to run the Trojan offense. That wasn't the case earlier this year. Southern Gal, by the way, is also changing personnel in the offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator positions.

Last year's Trojan OC, Steve Sarkisian, left for the UW position while pillaging the 'SC coaching ranks (and 'SC graduate assistants plus every coach who has every held a clipboard at Idaho) to fill the empty positions on his staff in Seattle.

Also of note, Pete Carroll made the executive decision to hire a full-time special-teams coach. Our source in the 'SC Athletic Department told us that Carroll was seen wandering around Heritage Hall muttering; "Well if the Beavers, whom we can't beat, have an NFL special teams guy..."

Taylor Mays elected to forego the NFL draft and return to SC, citing as reason to return, "I'd just like to get bigger, stronger, and faster before I make the leap to the NFL." Former Utah WR/S Siaki Cravens is rumored to be transferring to SC, which would of course be a huge boost to the talent barren Trojan roster.

SPEAKING OF SARKISIAN and the artist formerly known as the Washington Huskies, it appears the Shark has gotten his feet on the ground and wrapped his head around what exactly constitutes NCAA violations as we haven't received news of any major or minors in at least a week.

Give Sark some slack, it's not as if he has any experience with coaching/recruiting in the NCAA arena. Oh. Wait.

E.J. Savannah's return will be a big boost to DC Nick Holt's retooling of the UW defense, as the new Husky staff seeks to transform the Pillsbury Doughboy-like roster into actual athletes. The Huskies already have seven verbal commitments for 2010, which is impressive. No word yet on if all those recruits will stay on board once they find out they can't keep their personalized jersey and miniature fog machine.

WASHINGTON STATE'S Greek tragedy continues rolling along, as projected starting QB "The Lobbstah" was cited for public intoxication. First of all, I would like to state my overwhelming shock that there is drinking, I say, drinking going on in Pullman.

But as for Marshall Lobbestael, he's rehabbing his knee after an ACL tear suffered in Corvallis last season. He also leads the current polling in the "last name biggest pain in the butt to spell" category. Word out of Wazzu is that he should be ready to go by fall camp but WSU needs a whole lot more improvement, across the board at virtually every position, before they're going to be a factor.

Adding insult to injury, coach Paul Wulff will be suspended for the first three fall camp practices for violations committed at Eastern Washington under Wulff's stewardship. Surely, somewhere, Reggie Bush is laughing uncontrollably.

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