Arizona Game Pictures

Nineteen photographs from the Oregon State/Arizona game on Saturday. The Beavers were defeated 80-65.

Jimmie Haywood defended by Chris Rodgers.


David Lucas for two.


Philip Ricci working hard for two of his twenty-four.


Floyd North looking to do some damage.


Ricci for two.


Lucas puts up a shot.


Lamar Hurd driving down the lane.


Lucas with a hook shot.


Ricci posting up.


Ricci blocks Hassen Adams.


Jason Gardner and Lamar Hurd.


The Beaver offense in action.


Hassen Adams for rises up for two of his 14.


North for two.


Dennis Latimore goes against the Beaver "D".


Rick Anderson, playing in place of Luke Walton, dunks for two of his 13.


Derek Potter with the hook shot.


Luke Walton on the bench cheering his team on.


Jay John and Lute Olson embrace after the game.

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