The Top-10 Questions I have for next year

My last article had my Top-10 list for best Beaver happenings of 2002. Here is my Top-10 list of questions I have for next year.

  1. Is Derek Anderson the man or will the search continue? Derek's 2002 season was a roller coaster ride, brilliant some games, really bad some games, and not much in-between, pretty much a normal season for a sophomore quarterback in the PAC-10. The coaching staff stuck with Derek through thick and thin. I personally thought that he had turned the corner with his performance in the Civil War game, but the Insight Bowl proved otherwise. The talent is there and I think that he can be a great one. However, if he isn't performing, will the coaches give anybody else a chance to prove they can get the job done, or will they stick with Derek the same way they did this year?

  2. How will the defense react to two new starting cornerbacks? Note to coaching staff: Please make sure the two new corners are bigger than Oregon's Smurf-sized CB's. That getting toasted every week by bigger receivers/running backs would get old fast.

  3. Will I, Big Daddy Orange, get over not seeing Nick Barnett playing linebacker next year? I remember when Nick started playing at good old OSU. He looked way too skinny to be playing linebacker, but he turned out to be one of the best ever, he could brick wall a run one play, cover a receiver like a blanket the next, and sack the quarterback to top it off. Will I be inconsolable over the loss of Number 42?
  4. Speaking of losing defensive players…the defense is losing a lot of starting players. Will they still be good (count on it)? As good as 2002???

  5. What is the situation with Steven Jackson and the Heisman trophy? Will Steven get any Heisman votes in 2003? Will he be around for the vote in 2004? Will OSU have a marketing campaign for him? Will the marketing campaign have a 60' picture of Steven on a downtown Portland building wall? Will we be able to purchase Steven Jackson bobblehead dolls?

  6. Will Beaver believers see improvement in kick coverage in 2003? Is there anyone out there who doesn't think the Beavers need improvement in this area?

  7. Will the Beavers find a reliable kick returner, you know a north-south kick-off returner who keeps running north-south and a punt returner who doesn't catch punts a foot inside the end zone?

  8. If Kirk Ylinimei sets a NCAA field goal streak record, will his last name become a household word?

  9. Will the offensive coaching staff learn how to adjust offensive game plans to what the defense will give you (see Insight Bowl)? Will they take a pill that cures home-run-itis?

  10. How many coaching vacancies will Dennis Erickson be rumored to be filling at the end of the 2003 season?

  11. This is a bonus question. How long, oh somebody please tell me how long, are the Beavers going to be punished because they beat the crap out of Notre Dame and some bored announcers had to make something up so they would have something to talk about other than the fact that the Beavers were beating the crap out of Notre Dame? I would like to watch one game, read one post-game report, have one week of opponent's posts go by, without someone bringing up the "thug" "cheater" Beavers. It was overblown during the Fiesta Bowl, and certainly doesn't apply now. The "thug football" subject is the vehicle of the unimaginative. Give it a rest people.

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