LIKED/DIDN'T LIKE: Spring game edition

THERE WERE PLENTY of positives during Saturday's spring game, but there were also some negatives. Here are ten things - ranging from the defensive ends to the quarterbacks to the new advertising slogan - that I liked and didn't like from the 2009 spring tilt.

LIKED: WR Jordan Bishop. Big, athletic and not afraid to take a hit, this kid is going to be a star. Bishop had five catches for a game high 95 yards and one touchdown.

DIDN'T LIKE: QB Peter Lalich and C Grant Johnson muffing several snaps. Sure, Lalich has taken very few snaps this spring, but the exchange was dropped at least three times - inexcusable.


LIKED: The Rodgers brothers on the sidelines. They don't really need the practice anyway and while we would all like to see them on the field there is no need to risk injury to two of the most important stars on offense.

DIDN'T LIKE: The band playing during QB Lyle Moevao's interview on the jumbotron. It's good to see that the band is in mid-season form. Perhaps a loud, rawkus song on third and short during the season when the offense is on the field!?


LIKED: RB Jovan Stevenson's jukes. Despite the coaches saying he needs to add a few pounds Stevenson looked good as the primary back showing solid hands, quickness to the hole and elusiveness to pick up the extra yard in traffic. He finished with six carries for 40 yards.

DIDN'T LIKE: QB Sean Canfield and Peter Lalich forcing it into coverage. On the Dwight Roberson pick Canfield tried to rifle the pigskin past Roberson although the linebacker was tracking the ball the entire play and with Canfield seemingly looking right at him. On the Taylor Henry pick Lalich could have reached out and gave him a high five but decided to try and throw it over the defensive end's head - bad idea.


LIKED: WR Darrell Catchings. In his limited playing time the senior hauled in three catches for 47 yards as he seemingly got open at will.

DIDN'T LIKE: RT Timi Oshinowo's injury. The big offensive tackle writhed on the ground in pain after injuring his knee and was helped off of the field. He will have a MRI next week.


LIKED: The tight ends blocking and catching - specifically Brady Camp and Joe Halahuni. Camp caught a two yard touchdown pass and had some nasty blocks on the edge while Halahuni caught three passes for 21 yards.

DIDN'T LIKE: The numerous false starts on offense. Yeah, it's only spring, but the second and third string offensive lines had some bad moments with back to back false starts on two separate occasions.


LIKED: DE Gabe Miller getting the edge. Miller looks a lot like another native Oregonian - Bill Swancutt. With his giant strides and above average athleticism he was able to beat almost any tackle in the game on Saturday - and that includes the experienced Mike Remmers.

DIDN'T LIKE: The rain and wind. It wasn't miserable, but it wasn't pleasant either. Summer can't come soon enough!


LIKED: LB Keaton Kristick's hits. The outside linebacker had several bone jarring, text book hits that drew ohhhs, and ahhs from the 5,000 plus Beaver fans.

DIDN'T LIKE: The "I am Orange" campaign. I like the fact that they are promoting wearing orange to the game, but some quick polling from the people around me on Saturday told me that most find the slogan comical.


LIKED: DE Taylor Henry dominating a series. With the third string offense in the game, Henry picked off a Lalich pass on first down and then returned it 10 hashes to inside the 20-yard line. Then on second down, he slipped by the tackle and dragged down the ball carrier for a loss. He looked like a smaller DeLawrence Grant and his speed is as good as advertised.

DIDN'T LIKE: The five interceptions. Yes, they certainly do warrant a mention again. If Canfield throws three picks in a game during the season, 2009 could be a long year.


LIKED: The defensive line. From the first string to the third string, from the ends to the tackles, they flat out dominated the offensive line.

DIDN'T LIKE: The offensive line. Perhaps some of those offensive scrimmage numbers from earlier in April were deceiving. The tackles were getting beat regularly on the outside, and the defensive tackles were creating loads of havoc in the middle of the field.


LIKED: The defense playing hard, but showing restraint. Almost every play at least one defensive lineman could have plowed into a quarterback, but didn't, while several times the safeties let up at the last second and did not lay the hammer down on a receiver outstretched for the ball.

DIDN'T LIKE: Four months until the football season gets underway. Enough said!


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