OSU coaches hit the recruiting trail

RESER STADIUM AND Truax have now fallen quiet after 15 spring practice sessions but there's a flurry of black and orange activity going on. Indeed, the spring session may have ended but the Oregon State coaches are busier than ever, starting today. And the 2010 recruiting class that's looking like it's going to be rather unique.

The next four weeks will be a recruiting road trip and then some for Oregon State. Seven OSU coaches hit the recruiting trail over the next four weeks as part of the NCAA's annual May Evaluation Period in which college coaches can visit high school campuses.

The May evaluation period actually started on April 15 but the evaluation period lasts six weeks and schools are allowed four weeks out of the six, excluding Memorial Day and Sundays, to evaluate prep football prospects.

The NCAA allows a maximum of seven coaches on the road at any one time so the OSU assistant coaches will rotate in and out with one another.

A rules change enacted last year keeps Mike Riley and every other head coach home during the May Evaluation period so it's up to the assistants to canvas the Beaver recruiting hot spots.

OREGON STATE is light on seniors this year and while the numbers can and do change up until Signing Day, this is expected to be one of the smallest OSU classes in recent memory.

High school coaches have told BF.C that Oregon State has told them they plan on taking 12 recruits in February, less than half of the maximum 25 allowed.

But "taking" is not always the same thing as "signing", and Oregon State is expected to oversign.

A school is allowed a total of 85 players on scholarship, so while a school can sign into the fold 25 recruits each February, they have to fit into the 85 total. In other words, no school can take that maximum 25 number each year in perpetuity.

Oregon State has liberally used the grayshirt option under Mike Riley in recent years and this year could be another where the Beavs do a considerable amount of oversigning as they did in the 2008 class. That year, a whopping seven grayshirts joined the Beavs in January.

SCHOOLS IN THE spring are allowed one evaluation during four of the six week period to assess athletic ability, and another evaluation to assess the prospect's academic qualifications.

Additionally, schools are allowed to place one phone call to a prospect during the evaluation period. Most schools will backload the process in order to be fresher in a prospect's mind than if they were to call at the start, and Oregon State is expected to do the same.

For a few years, schools used to be able to text message without restriction and ask a prospect to give them a call at any time. With text messages no longer allowed, that single phone call schools can place during the May Evaluation period is more important than ever.

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