A 'Happy' Oregon State offer

HIS PREP COACH was confident that more Pac-10 schools were likely to come on board with scholie offers in late-June to early-July for the 6-2, 280-pound d-tackle out of the Tacoma area. Turns out, Oregon State didn't need to wait that long.

Happy Iona received his second Pac-10 offer this afternoon.

"Oregon State just offered today," Bethel High head man Gavin Kralik tells Beaverfootball.com. "They said their defensive line coach really likes him...They like his athleticism. Coach (Danny) Langsdorf has been out here..and their d-line coach has talked to him on the phone."

Kralik describes Iona, who was previously offered by Washington State, as an athletic 220-pounder in a 280-pound body.

Iona lined up at d-tackle, defensive end, nose guard last season, creating havoc in the backfield and chasing down quarterbacks. (See the video evidence at the end of this story.)

IONA HAS improved leaps and bounds academically, says Kralik, and WSU and Oregon State obviously agree. Kralik said other schools want to wait to see his updated transcripts later this summer before offering. There appears, however, to be a consensus on what he brings to the football field.

"Washington is very interested in him. His transcripts are going to look a lot different (end of June)...Washington said Happy and Sione (Potoae) are identical on film," says Kralik.

Iona hadn't begun to really work on his English until just recently. As Iona has continued to become more comfortable with the English language, his grades haven't just improved, they've skyrocketed

"Now he's getting some A's," said Kralik. "It was a language thing...I think he'll do it, I think he'll make it."

Happy Iona profile and video

Kralik says Bethel has two other prospects who could potentially play themselves into D-IA level offers with big senior seasons: DB Isaac Winters, 5-11, 175; and RB Anthony Meray, 5-9, 185.

Scout.com Northwest Recruiting Analyst Chris Fetters contributed to this report.

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