RB at Beav camp also shows off pass catching

AMONG THOSE PARTICIPATING in Oregon State's one day individual skills camp this past weekend was Bellevue, Wash. running back Brett Kirschner, and he also got in some work at another position or two. Afterwards, Mike Riley and Reggie Davis each called him over for a chat.

Camps and the upcoming season will be important to Kirschner's (5-11, 205, 2.5) prospects at landing scholarship offers -- he said all his junior tape is from when he was injured, coming back from an MCL sprain.

"It's not bad, but it's not as good as I can do," he said.

At Oregon State's camp, Kirschner worked out at three positions -- running back, receiver and safety.

"Coach Davis said I was looking good and they were going to stay in contact," said Kirschner. "We talked about the other school camps I would be going to and just how recruiting is going. I talked to coach Riley after that, one on one, he said 'I was watching you, you were looking great out there.'"

OREGON STATE seemed to be interested in his ability to catch the pigskin.

Indeed, one thing Kirschner said he found notable was that Riley had Davis run Kirschner through some particular routes.

"We were doing a lot of short routes coming out of the backfield as running backs and Riley wanted me to run some longer routes. And he had me do the wheel route," said Kirschner.

Kirschner, who holds an offer from Air Force, said among the highlights for him in Corvallis, he felt a solid connection with Davis.

AFTER THE camp at OSU, he traveled home, took his girlfriend to Interlake's prom and then early the next morning headed off to Washington's one day camp.

"I started out a little cold but then I started getting my confidence, waking up a little bit and from then on out, in one on ones and 7-on-7 drills, it went well," said Kirschner.

Before he went to the UW camp, Kirschner said UW assistant Jeff Mills had told him the Huskies were going to determine at the one day camp "if they were going to offer me now or offer me during the season...after the camp Coach Thomas said he wants to see some recent tape in pads and we'll talk about an offer so I think I might have my friend or my mom film my (team) camp at Wazzu...and Idaho. And coach Mills said he was going to stay in touch."

He also had some interaction with coach Steve Sarkisian.

"He said thanks for coming out, you looked good and that they were honored to have me out there," said Kirschner. "I think a key point of that camp, when I played safety and then switched to receiver, coach Sarkisian was passing to me and would call out the route so the DB knew what was coming. One was a fade route that I dove for and caught in the end zone so I think that was a good thing.

"At both camps, all the coaches, they know how to relate to the players really well and they all related to me really well."

NEXT UP for Kirschner will be Arizona State and a NIKE combine in Eugene. BYU and Utah remain possibilities, he'll be at Idaho and Interlake will have their team camp at Washington State.

Kirschner's prep coach, Sheldon Cross, says he's the best running back prospect in the state of Washington.

"I think he's the toughest tailback in the state," said Cross. "He has a heart and a motor that doesn't stop, and I think he's fearless when it comes to taking on tacklers...I honestly think he's the best tailback in the state."

Despite missing three games and being less than 100 percent after he returned to action, Kirschner still topped 1,000 yard rushing mark last season, said Cross. Kirschner has appx. 2,500 yards and 33 touchdowns total over his sophomore and junior seasons combined.

Brett Kirschner profile and video

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