LSB: A blow by blow account

HILLSBORO -- It was a cold, blustery day in Hillsboro Stadium, with menacing clouds threatening to drench the affairs. Fortunately the rain held back as the North defeated the South 32-14. Fifty-two percent of the points were scored by players set to join OSU's football team in August. Here's a comprehensive, blow-by-blow account of the 62nd Les Schwab Bowl with an eye toward the Beaver recruits.

55 minutes before kickoff:  I park in the Intel parking lot and walk over thus avoiding the $3 fee.  Yeah, its not much but why pay to park when you can park for free and get a little exercise.

50 minutes before kickoff:  $8 to get in.  Not bad.

49 minutes before kickoff:  The music is LOUD on the field.  You can barely carry on a conversation without being drowned out by the tunes.

48 minutes before kickoff:  Both teams are out on the field warming up.  Jack Lomax (#7) and Micah Hatfield (#1) are suited up for the North in white.  John Braun (#77), Michael Beaton (#75), Mitch Singler (#23) and Levi Levasa (#27) are in blue for the South.

45 minutes before kickoff:  Lomax definitely passes the eyeball test.  He is the biggest quarterback out of the group.  He has a nice frame to add some muscle and has a real natural throwing motion.  Hatfield is one of the larger receivers and also looks to have a nice frame to build on.

35 minutes before kickoff:  Braun is big and tall with plenty of room to grow.  Only other players that are near his size are Charles Siddoway, who is going to Cal, and Taylor Hart, who is going to Oregon.  Beaton is a big boy too.  His frame will tone up once he gets in a college weight room.  He doesn't arrive in Corvallis until January of 2010 though.

23 minutes before kickoff:  The sun is peaking through the clouds, but is is still pretty cold for being the end of July.  I am in pants with a jacket and there are gusts of wind whipping through the stadium.  The gusts could affect the quarterbacks passes.  Teams head to the locker rooms.

18 minutes before kickoff:  Have definitely seem more orange and black then green and yellow in the crowd - that's always a good thing. 

11 minutes before kickoff:  The teams come out of the locker rooms and stand at the 50 yard line facing each other.  The announcer announces each player on each team.

1 minute before kickoff:  North wins the toss and elects to receiver.


First quarter

15:00: Lomax starts the game under center.  First play is a reverse, Lomax slips up field and is wide open, but the receiver is tackled before he can throw the ball.

14:15:  Hatfield enters the game in the slot.  Lomax is flushed from the pocket and finds receiver for 15 yard gain.

13:02:  Lomax completes a eight yard pass to Clackamas' Matt Nylan.

12:45:  Lomax misses Hatfield on on pass near the sidelines

11:58:  On third and two Lomax finds Johnson for nine yard gain on swing pass. 

10:34:  #9 drops a fade pass in the endzone.  Lomax made a nice throw.

9:43:  On fourth and short Lomax finds  Nylan for a first down.

9:22:  Lomax sneaks it in from one yard out for the first points of the game.  North goes for two point conversion, but it is incomplete to Hatfield.  Lomax did a nice job of managing the offense.  He got his guys to the line of scrimmage quickly and make quick decisions.

9:15:  South takes over after kickoff.  Braun is at left guard; Beaton at right tackle.

8:25:  South punts the ball away.

8:15:  Lomax under center again.  On first down it is an incomplete pass, a miscommunication on the route; the receiver wasn't even looking.

7:15:  North goes three and out after back to back botched snaps.  Lomax is doing a good job though of fielding them.

6:33:  South has the ball again.  Beaton seals off the right side on a sweep for positive yardage.

5:49:  #25 picks off a South pass on third down returning in 12 yards deep in South territory.  Lomax is out, but Hatfield still in, this time at flanker.

2:56:  After the South gets the ball back, #3 picks off an errant pass on third down. No future Beavers in the game at this time.

2:00:  The North's Anthony Blake stutter steps near the sidelines after a reception leaving #3 grasping for air and plenty of hoots and hollers from the crowd.

00:01:  A nice leaping grab by Century's Josh Garlington in the back of the endzone for the North, but he is ruled out of bounds.


Second quarter

14:34:  Back to back picks by the North then the South puts the ball back in Lomax's hands for his third series of the game and inside the South's 10-yard line.

13:21:  On third down Lomax finds Lacey for a 3-yard touchdown in the back of the endzone.  The North goes for two again, Lomax again looks Hatfield's way, but the ball floats on him and his batted down in the back of the endzone.

12:42:  Singler grabs his first catch of the gae on an 18-yard slant.  He looks really natural catching the ball.

12:30:  Singler beats #3 down the field, but the quarterback gets sacked before he sees him

11:46:  Singler runs the same play and beats #3 again, this time its a 36 yard gain and first and goal for the South

9:51:  South scores their first points of the game on a two-yard run behind Braun.

9:44:  Lomax under center again; Hatfield in as well.  Lomax delivers a perfect pass to #23 coming across the middle, but he drops the ball. 

9:30:  Lomax runs away from the rush and looks to the sidelines, but throws to the middle of the filed for a 12-yard gain to Garlington.  Good play.

8:39:  A two yard completion to Blake.  Lomax looks comfortable in the pocket and comfortable on the run.  He is running the offense well.

7:55:  As Lomax rolls away from a sack an offensive lineman (#74) delivers a bone crushing block on #99.  The crowd goes crazy.  Lomax picks up a first down with his feet.

7:47:  A quick hit to Nylan for a 14-yard gain.

7:36:  A pump fake and a deep pass to Hatfield streaking down the sidelines.  Unfortunately the ball is a little underthrown and the safety gets a hand in the way to slap it down.

7:27:  A nifty shovel pass to Blake nets a big gain push in the North into South territory.

6:48:  A five yard catch by Hatfield puts the ball at the one yard line.  Good concentration by Hatfield as the cornerback was all over him.

6:13: Lomax plunges in for his second rushing touchdown of the day and third touchdown overall. The North tries another two point conversion, but it is incomplete again.  Lomax is not happy.

5:57:  Singler catches a 7-yard pass.

5:16:  With the sun going down the wind picks up and it is freezing.

3:29:  Braun is showing a really good motor.  He is always up field looking for another block.

2:29:  Hatfield drops a toss on a reverse, but recovers his own fumble.



Lomax has four carries for 11 yards and two touchdowns, completed 13 of 18 for 132 yards and one touchdown, Hatfield has one reception for five yards.

Singler has four catches for 81 yards.


Third quarter

15:00: Braun moves from left guard to left tackle; Beaton still at right tackle.

14:34:  Braun is definitely more comfortable at guard.  He is having trouble with the quicker players.  It seems he could be more aggressive although once he gets his hands on someone he has control of them.

13:13:  Lomax tries to go deep to Hatfield down the sidelines again, but overthrows him.

12:05:  The North goes for it again on fourth down, Lomax looks Hatfield's way, but the ball grazes off of his hands.  A difficult catch, but should have been caught.

11:34:  Braun moves back to guard.

9:56:  Lomax finds Hatfield for a 9-yard gain in the middle of the field.  A good across the body throw as Lomax was going one way and Hatfield the other.

9:25:  Lomax keeps the pigskin for a two yard pickup.

8:52:  The Lake Oswego teammates finally connect for a touchdown as Lomax hits Hatfiled on a slip screen for a 24-yard touchdown.  Hatfield displayed nice moves in traffic with sharp cuts.

8:22:  Braun gets beat bad which results in a sack for the South quarterback who didn't stand a chance.

6:13:  Lomax tackled for a loss on a quarterback keeper.

5:00:  Braun out of the lineup for a rest, Beaton still in.

2:46:  Singler with a nine yard catch.

00:22:  The South quarterback throws behind a wide open Singler in the middle of the field which would have resulted in a touchdown.

00:17:  Encroachment on the defense, but the defensive player just bounces off of Braun.


Fourth quarter

Unfortunately I had to leave early in the fourth quarter. It looked like Lomax was done for the day.  Singler, Hatfield, Braun and Beaton were all still playing though.

Singler actually hauled in a touchdown with 10:45 left in the game.  He was the third future Beaver to haul in a touchdown in the game.  Of the game's 46 points, 24 (52%) of them were scored by future Oregon Staters.

The North ended up winning 32-14. 

Lomax is named most valuable player of the game while Singler is named receiver of the game.


FINAL STATS (Full stats can be found at

Lomax - 18 of 28 (64%) for 178 yards and two touchdowns; seven carries for eight yards and two touchdowns

Hatfield - four catches for 40 yards and one touchdown

Singler - seven catches for 114 yards and one touchdown

Levasa - six tackles, two unassisted

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