Beavs make Molesi's top three

THOMAS MOLESI FROM Oceanside High in Southern California has amassed an impressive list of early offers for his services -- in the double digits and including three from the Pac-10. Only one Pac-10 school makes his top three, however. He's also planning a trip to the Willamette Valley in the near future.

Many a college has taken ready note of Thomas Molesi's athleticism, as he named 11 scholarship offers already in hand off the top of his head. Molesi acquired all of these offers without even a single camp performance this past summer, which makes his offers even more impressive.

Molesi holds offers from Oregon State, Arizona State, Washington, UNLV, Nebraska, San Diego State, Texas A&M, BYU, Colorado, Boise State, and Nevada, with other schools such as Oregon and Cal indicating that they're very close to offering.

Of those schools, 3-4 have separated themselves from the rest.

"My top three are San Diego State, Oregon State and Texas A&M right now," stated Molesi. "I like those schools best because it seems as no matter where I go or for how long, I always get home and they have something for me there. They always seem to have a letter waiting for me and I like that a lot. It shows that they really want me, in my mind."

MOLESI IS relatively unfamiliar with most schools that are recruiting him currently, having taken just one unofficial trip. But he aims on changing that here soon.

"I'm going up to visit Oregon here soon and I'd love to make some other trips," said Molesi. "I just don't have a lot of time. We'll see if I get any official trips after the season."

COMING IN AT fourth currently for Molesi's services is BYU. BYU got turned on to Molesi recently after offensive line coach Mark Weber made a visit to his high school.

"He was interested, but not all that much," recalled Molesi about Coach Weber. "Then my coach told him I was LDS and then he got really interested and BYU started sending me letters and offered me soon after that."

Molesi is very close to current Cougars and former Oceanside stars Russell Tialavea and Vic So'oto. Molesi grew up admiring both players and has sort of patterned his play after Tialavea.

"Tialavea is the best," said Molesi. "If I could be as good as him, then wow, I'd be doing real well. He's a beast and I hope to be as good as he is."

Molesi grew up as sort of a fan of BYU's program and is anxious to learn more about the school.

"I've always loved BYU," stated Molesi. "I really started liking them most when Russ and Vic both signed there. It's my church's school too, and I'm a strong LDS kid who wants to serve a mission, so I like BYU because of that as well."

Molesi hasn't visited any schools as of yet other than nearby San Diego State, which is a school he feels very comfortable with.

"Every time I go down there it seems as if I'm already part of the team," related Molesi. "I really like the coaches and they make me feel like San Diego State is my home."

THE MOST important thing for Molesi is getting a college degree.

"That's the main thing," said Molesi about his education. "Sure, I'm there to play football, but getting my college degree is far and away my main goal, so I want to go to a school where I can do that."

Having a good relationship with the coaching staff and players is also extremely important to Molesi.

"I want to go to a team with good chemistry," related Molesi. "I don't want to play for a team of individuals, I want to play with a team that's together and wants the same goals. That's what I want in a football team and that's what I'll be looking for."

MOLESI IS a 6-foot-2-inch, 285-pound defensive line/offensive line prospect from Oceanside, California. He's rated three stars and the No. 32 guard prospect in the nation by While he'll likely be playing defensive tackle in college, Molesi actually spent time playing behind the line at middle linebacker for his high school team this past season.

"Coaches would put me in at middle linebacker, usually at the end of games in critical situations and stuff like that," explained Molesi. "I like it because I feel that I can move real well for my size."

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