Iona strong on Beavs post camp experience

RECRUITING IS A fluid thing. There was a quote from Happy Iona not long ago he might soon be looking to commit to Oregon State. But as often happens in recruiting, things settle, shift and change and his prep coach says Iona wants to take official trips before any decision. But, as you'll read after the jump, Oregon State has made a big impression in a pitched battle between three Pac-10 schools.

Happy Iona was quoted pre-camp visit to Oregon State that he might commit while in Corvallis. Although that didn't happen, and it now looks like a verbal commitment to any school won't happen until sometime in the fall, Bethel High head man Kralik said Iona definitely is feeling the OSU love.

"He likes Oregon State and Washington a bunch, but he wants to visit officially Washington State too," said Kralik.

"He was real excited after going to camp for a day at Oregon State. He enjoyed it a lot and was really excited about them when he left."

Indeed, Oregon State is right up there for Iona, says Kralik. "I think Oregon State and Washington are probably towards the top of his list with Washington State very close behind," said Kralik.

The UW, says Kralik, have labeled Iona as "identical" to Husky commit Sione Potoae.

Ioan has scheduled one official visit to date, to Washington State. The Cougs were first to offer Iona back on April 2, OSU offered June 5 and UW offered June 27.

"I think he wants to wait on (a decision) and take some trips. The only trip he has scheduled right now is Washington State. He's planning on going there for an official visit on September 5," said Bethel High head man Gavin Kralik.

IONA, WHOM KRALIK describes as an athletic 220-pounder in a 280-pound body, lined up at d-tackle, defensive end and nose guard last season for Bethel.

Subscribers can watch him creating havoc in the backfield and chasing down quarterbacks in the video link below.

Happy Iona profile and video

Kralik said Bethel has two other prospects who could potentially play themselves into D-IA level offers with big senior seasons: DB Isaac Winters, 5-11, 175; and RB Anthony Meray, 5-9, 185

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