FALL CAMP DAY 1: Offensive synch

CORVALLIS–There wasn't an overabundance of hootin' and hollerin' from the men in black (and white), however, the o-line mohawks were certainly a sight to be seen. Full pads won't come on until the fifth practice but Sean Canfield looked sharp, heralded frosh Michael Philipp ran mostly with the twos, DE's Ben Terry and Kevin Frahm looked quick off the snap, plus a whole lot more from Day One.

Sean Canfield ran with the first team as to be expected and yes it was helmets and shorts, but he looked great.

Crisp passes, on target, with a tight spiral -- it was all there for him. Canfield hit Darrell Catchings in stride on a few deep balls to the delight of the 100 or so fans in attendance.

Canfield looked slimmer and in great shape. He was coaching up Cody Vaz and Jack Lomax as well, offering words of encouragement.

Lyle Moevao participated in individual drills, but sat out most team activities. He did throw but held himself to about 50 percent by this writer's estimation. It was a very tender, easy release by Moevao on Day One, but he was out there runnin' around.

Ryan Katz looked decent but was late on a few throws and caught the wrath of Mike Riley.

Peter Lalich looked very athletic had a good release, however on Day was short on the deep crossing route time and time again.

Cidy Vaz looked very impressive on the afternoon, hitting receivers in stride 15-20 yards down field. He has a very strong arm, lots of mustard on his ball and it's easy to be very impressed with his skills set. Up close, he looks bigger than expected as well. He does have a unique, somewhat herky-jerky motion, but the ball got there -- and quickly.

Jack Lomax needs to bulk up and strengthen his arm. The true freshman was the one QB who struggled throughout the day, though that's not unexpected or rare. Some of his passes caused receivers to stop their routes and wait. Simple learning tools, playing relaxed and getting acclimated to the speed of the game should help a lot.

Offensive line:
The first team consisted of LT Grant Johnson, LG Ryan Pohl, C Alex Linnenkohl, RG Gregg Peat and RT Mike Remmers.

There was lots of work on footwork, and listening to coach Mike Cavabaugh preach. The man knows his stuff. There was a whole lot of "yes sir" and "no sir", from the group.

The second unit had LT Michael Philipp, LG Colin Kelly, C Grant Johnson (pulling some double duty), LG Nathan Hannah and LT Ellis Burke from left to right. Philipp certainly looks the part, but if the first day is any indication, has some work to do to learn the offense and proper technique.

No big surpsies from big boy land, but that's to be expected the first day with no pads.

The tight ends featured familair faces. John Reese, Howard Croom and Brady Camp ran with the ones and filled in with the twos as well.

Colby Prince and Joe Halahuni worked primarily with the second team. Halahuni looks more athletic, plus and a bit more built up than in '08.

Prince's size and athleticism were impressive, he dhowed off some great hands and good feet in pass routes on Monday.

Markus Wheaton, James Rodgers, and Shawn McGarity all flashed their speed in individual drills.

Wheaton's speed is as advertised. He turned the corner quickly and could certainly be an impact player somewhere on the field.

He has some hops too. At one point, Wheaton went up high at full extension to grab a pass out of the air that seemed all but impossible to grab -- great hands.

Kevan Walker looked FAST in pass routes and threw regular Beaver viewers for a loop with the change from number 10 to No. 9. Fast off the line, and good crisp breaks in pass routes -- he caught the ball well also.

Geno Munoz, as he did last year on the scout team, showcased his hands and "go get the ball" mentality with a horizontal snag of an otherwise errant pass, drawing oohs and ahhs from the crowd.

Check back in a few for a report on the D.

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