AFTER THREE HOURS putting the Beavers through their paces, Mike Riley held, post-practice, a wide ranging interview. Among the topics, overall assessment, Lyle Moevao's health, Ryan McCants' timetable, the backup RB spot, Sean Canfield in fighting trim, Peter Lalich's appeal to the NCAA for a redshirt year, Shane Morales' presence, Kyrell Hudson passing on OSU for pro ball and more.

Overall assessment
"One down, 28 before the first game, I guess. I was pleased -- like I told you before, we did have a little bit of interaction but we did a lot of teaching and a lot of installing. Hopefully that will be helpful in firing up the stuff as we go and they'll get a better grasp of it. And maybe be a little fresher. It was a good start -- nothing dramatic, nothing big time to talk about, but a good start."

On QB Lyle Moevao and his health:
"Just like today, he threw some throws and he ran some plays, then we pulled him out. So I don't know how long that will go on, but I suppose the answer to that is as long as we need. We just don't want any setbacks."

On if Moevao will do a little more tomorrow:
"Maybe, Maybe. That's what we talked about. But that may not be feasible every day. Might be the same, I just don't wanna go backwards."

On RB Ryan McCants prognosis:
"I think that they are very pleased with his progress. Ryan McCants has done an outstanding, good job of rehabbing. I still think it looks like mid-September before he's actually playing. But that would be good, if that really holds true and he's ready the middle of September, we're only talking a couple of games".

On slimmer and trimmer Sean Canfield:
"We can do all sorts of things with him now.option, counter w/QB all that stuff, (joking, said with a big smile). But he is in great shape. And Lyle's back down where he was at the start of last year also so he looks good. I have never been any prouder in my career with two guys that have quarterbacked for me. They've been good teammates, picked each other up when the other one got hurt, withstood the pressure to go the other way when they weren't deemed the starter. They've stayed with it. I'm really proud of it and they're back and working hard and that will only mean good things for our team."

On Peter Lalich's eligibility appeal to the NCAA to get back a redshirt season:
"I asked about it last week, I asked about it today, haven't heard anything yet. We're waiting. Sure need word as soon as possible so we know which way to head. Whether he's a possible red-shirt or a possible candidate for back up quarterback."

On Shane Morales' presence at practice:
"Well, he's waiting for a call but in the meantime he's helping us out and I love it. It's great to have him out here. "He was very very active today with our receivers and it gives us two more eyes that know what they're talking about."

On the backup RB position:
"We'll see (if) it's Jovan (Stevenson), Ashton (Jefferson), it's way too early to say he would do that. Then the other guys, we'll see how it goes. I'm pleased with where Ryan McCants is, but we'll have to have another answer before (his return) obviously."

On the practice atmosphere:
"Oh, good enthusiasm and as the day goes by, we stayed out there for three hours, which we're allowed and we took every minute of it. They'd had enough (with a smile). Good enthusiasm, and the details of what we're doing is very good."

On OSU '09 signee Kyrell Hudson signing contract to play pro baseball:
"Yes I heard he was going to sign today, obviously that happened. We'll wish him the best, he's a fabulous athlete and he had the opportunity to two sports here at OSU. He had to pick a road, if this is the one he chooses we wish him well cause he's a fine guy and a heck of an athlete."

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