FALL CAMP DAY THREE: Defensive rules

CORVALLIS -- The offense had their moments -- Sean Canfield and James Rodgers hooked up on a long range bomb and Markus Wheaton pulled in an improbable reception with a great grab. But on balance, the defense was stout, and DE Kevin Frahm was among those leading the charge.

Offense Only
Senior quarterback Sean Canfield showed off his ability to throw on the run as he rolled out to the left and connected with junior wideout James Rodgers. The youngsters were on display early on in practice as the offense took the field for segments without the defense.

Junior quarterback Peter Lalich showed off his arm with completions to senior tight end Howard Croom and freshman running back Jovan Stevenson out of the backfield.

Lalich displayed good footwork in his drop back, as well as precision accuracy on a majority of throws.

Redshirt freshman Ryan Katz also displayed a combination of arm strength and accuracy, particularly on connections to junior wideout Aaron Nichols and redshirt freshman Geno Munoz, who returned to practice after sitting out yesterday with a hamstring injury.

Katz' arm strength has never been in question since he arrived in Corvallis. Wednesday, he aired out a pass to freshman wideout Mitch Singler that was too long and just out of reach of his target, but it nonetheless impressed onlookers.

Skelly Session No. 1
Sharp coverage by the defense, interpersed by big plays on offense, highlighted the first installment of skelly on the afternoon.

The offensive peak came when James Rodgers outran the secondary for the second straight day on a play action deep ball from Canfield.

On the play, Rodgers took off deep down the middle of the field and sprinted past redshirt freshman Keynan Parker and made the grab.

Parker started to make up for it on the subsequent play, getting in the grill of senior wideout Taylor Kavanaugh and knocking a would-be reception out of his hands.

And then a few plays later, Parker would catch up to Munoz, wide open at the time, and slap the ball out of his hand.

Freshman wideout Markus Wheaton pulled off an immaculate reception off a Lalich pass.

With freshmen defenders Zeke Sanders and Brian Watkins in his area, Wheaton snagged the pass and pressed it against his helmet while falling to the ground, holding onto the ball for dear life as he hit the grass.

It was one of a slew of highlight reel type receptions he made on the day.

Team Session No. 1
The Beavers' offensive line had issues holding the defensive line in check throughout the session.

Sophomore defensive end Kevin Frahm, freshman defensive end Taylor Henry and others popped up in the backfield every play, so it seemed, and put pressure on Canfield -- forcing him into throws he otherwise probably would not have made with ample protection.

On one particular play, Canfield was looking for sophomore running back Jacquizz Rodgers on a screen pass, but the pressure of Henry and redshirt freshman Castro Masaniai resulted in Canfield spiking the ball rather than trying to force the issue.

On the next snap, Canfield dropped back looking for junior wideout Casey Kjos, but instead found redshirt freshman Andrew Seumalo in his face.

The result was a bad pass -- and nearly intercepted by junior cornerback James Dockery, who had the ball slip through his hands.

Later, Canfield ran a misdirection fake with rollout, and was met by Frahm, who read the play perfectly and had the play been live, quarterback would have been on the menu. Instead, Canfield threw an incomplete pass down the sideline.

Part II of our practice report from Day Three will be up shortly.

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