FALL CAMP DAY 3: More D but injury bug bites

CORVALLIS -- Markus Wheaton put on an acrobatic pass-catching display today, and there were more aerial highlights from the Oregon State offense. But the Beaver Defense headlined on Day Three. On the injury front, however, the depth at cornerback took a hit, with Keynan Parker out 3-4 weeks.

Skelly Session #2
The second skelly was much like the first, with the Beaver secondary headlining the show.

James Rodgers attempted to burn the secondary again but the combination of James Dockery and senior cornerback Tim Clark stayed glued to the wideout, and the pass fell incomplete.

The secondary was not as fortunate a few plays later, as Rodgers reeled in a Canfield pass in front of junior safety Suaesi Tuimaunei, then made a cut and sprint upfield past all defenders.

Canfield went on a mini-roll at that point until, while looking for Catchings, a spot on pass saw the ball sail through through the wideout's hands.

Later in the session, Lalich found redshirt freshman wideout Jordan Bishop on a pair of throws, including an impressive reception where Bishop got behind coverage, went up for the ball and reeled it in before falling to the grass.

Team Session #2
The Beaver offense started off with a little razzle-dazzle, (BF.C policy is not to mention the particulars), but the result was not one that was anticipated, at least not from the offense's point of view.

The ballcarrier was instead met by Keaton Kristick and junior linebacker Dwight Roberson, breaking up the play and bumping the man out of bounds for only a short gain.

Peter Lalich hooked up with Geno Munoz on a tough reception by the young wideout, who turned around mid-stride to reel in a pass that was a little short.

Munoz got behind freshman safety Jordan Poyer, then proceeded to high step down the field for what would have been a touchdown had the play continued.

Keynan Parker was injured on the play, however. The freshman cornerback suffered a separated shoulder, one which head coach Mike Riley said would put the speedster out of action for a good 3-4 weeks.

Red Ball Drill
The defense was on the ball for the majority of this drill, shutting down the offensive attack for the most part and not giving up many big plays.

The solo take away from the drill came on a Katz pass, who was bumped at the line and threw the ball right into the hands of sophomore safety Lance Mitchell, who turned in a big return.

Lalich was impressive in this drill, completing a pass deep down the sideline to freshman wide receiver Kevan Walker, who got behind Poyer and sophomore cornerback David Ross to make the reception.

A few plays later Lalich found Wheaton in the back of the end zone -- dropping the pass right into the receiver's hands for a touchdown. Wheaton made sure to drag his feet before stepping out of bounds.

Freshman Team Workout
At the end of every practice thus far, the freshmen have stayed on the field to get in a little more work and go through plays as an individual group, and Wednesday was no different.

On one of the early plays of the session, quarterback Cody Vaz found Markus Wheaton across the middle. The pass was nearly reeled in by the receiver but the ball bounced off his hands, up in the air, and was reeled in by safety Zeke Sanders.

Jack Lomax showed off good mobility for a quarterback on a tuck and run as the secondary had all of his targets locked down.

Nearing the end of the workout, Poyer perfectly read a Vaz pass and stepped in front of Mitch Singler to intercept the pass.

Play of the Day
Markus Wheaton was all over the field on the afternoon reeling in numerous receptions, and it is hard to pick just one. But since this writer is holding himself to picking only one per day, it's the acrobatic catch in the first session of skelly. The freshman wideout looked like a seasoned playmaker when he reeled in the pass from Lalich. And the way he did it -- holding the ball close to his helmet and falling to the ground -- gets the nod.

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