FALL CAMP DAY 4: Clark & Hardin clamp down

CORVALLIS -- A scattering of big plays by the Beaver offense, tight coverage by the defensive secondary plus a couple big throws by senior quarterback Sean Canfield, who continues to show off his cannon-like arm. That's how the first skeleton drills session unfolded in the Willamette Valley on Thursday. And things were just getting started.

Skelly Session No. 1
The first play of the session saw a play action fake by Sean Canfield, who then found junior wideout Casey Kjos towards the sideline. Kjos made a sliding grab after getting in front of junior safety Suaesi Tuimaunei and finding the ball.

Next up, Canfield found tight end Joe Halahuni, who has become a big target for quarterbacks as of late.

Canfield and Halahuni's hookup was off another Canfield dart, reeled in by Halahuni initially with one hand, secured with the other, and then followed by a romp down the sideline for a big gain.

The Beaver D then flexed their muscles.

Cornerbacks Tim Clark and Brandon Hardin shut down the receiving corps the next few plays, and the OSU defense mostly won the battles from there on out in the session.

On a play-action pass, Canfield looked for senior wideout Damola Adeniji, who had Clark in his face from the get-go. The senior corner stay in front of Adeniji to force the pass to go long.

Hardin picked off a Canfield pass, stepping smartly in front of the ball and timing it perfectly.

Hardin then combined with redshirt freshman Josh LaGrone to force a Canfield pass intended for Adeniji long and out of the receiver's reach.

Junior QB Peter Lalich started off his day rather slow, coming up short on his first few pass attempts.

His solo completion came on a pass to junior wideout Aaron Nichols, who cut across the middle and stepped in front of freshman safety Jordan Poyer.

A couple plays later Poyer almost came away with an interception off Lalich, one that sailed too high of redshirt freshman WR Geno Munoz.

Team Session No. 1
A consistent trend this week continued on Thursday, with the defensive line regularly putting pressure on the Beaver quarterback. How? By blowing by the offensive line and getting up into the grill of the passer.

Canfield looked a bit frustrated early on in the team session after the offensive line couldn't stop sophomore Kevin Frahm from getting in deep and disrupting the pass. On the play, Canfield promptly spiked the ball rather than risk a dangerous throw.

A couple plays later, Frahm and junior linebacker Keith Pankey won their battle with the o-line, rushing past and getting into the face of Canfield, who again promptly spiked the ball.

Canfield later found Adeniji on a rollout, delivering a bullet right into the wideout's numbers. But Clark was there to reach around the fellow senior's big body and swat the ball away.

Tight coverage continued on a play action deep ball intended for Kjos, covered at the time by Lagrone and sophomore safety Lance Mitchell. The pass was nearly picked off by Lagrone, but the ball was just out of the safety's reach.

We'll have more on the day in Corvallis up shortly.

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