FALL CAMP DAY 4: Aerial attack, Quizz moves

CORVALLIS -- With junior wideout Darrell Catchings sitting out of practice with "a little bit of an" illness, according to Mike Riley, there were opportunities for numerous receivers to make an impression this afternoon, and quite a few took advantage of the situation as the session wore on. Sean Canfield got a groove goin', and Jacquizz Rodgers turned in the play of the day.

This is the second of two reports. For the rundown on the early part of Day 5, click HERE.

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Red Zone Skelly
The Beaver quarterbacks heated up in the red zone session of skelly this afternoon, beginning with Sean Canfield finding sophomore running back Jacquizz Rodgers in the end zone. He was surrounded by numerous defenders but the OSU offense was not to be denied.

Canfield zipped the pass right into the numbers of Rodgers, who reeled it in under high pressure for a touchdown.

A couple of plays later, Canfield connected with Casey Kjos in the end zone, despite tight coverage from sophomore linebacker David Pa'aluhi for yet another score.

Later, redshirt freshman QB Ryan Katz delivered a bullet to Halahuni -- right between the tight end's numbers and right in front of sophomore safety Cameron Collins.

A few plays later Katz delivered a pass intended for redshirt freshman Jordan Bishop that may have been too high -- but the wideout leapt and twisted his body mid-air to reel it in -- impressive.

Keith Pankey and Josh LaGrone were both in the neighborhood on the play, but Bishop burned another gear to make the play on the ball.

Team Session #2
The aerials began on a play-action deep ball from Canfield to Damola Adeniji.

The senior wideout got behind junior cornerback James Dockery and Canfield placed the ball perfectly in the wideout's hands mid-stride.

The next play, Geno Munoz sped past Suaesi Tuimaunei and Tim Clark -- Canfield again placed the ball right into the receiver's hands with a perfectly thrown pass.

Clark lunged and nipped at the heels of Munoz but as he fell to the grass, the freshman wideout continued down the field for what would have been a touchdown.

In the second team session, the first team's Jacquizz Rodgers wowed 'em.

Quizz took a Canfield handoff but was met in the backfield by redshirt junior defensive end Matt LaGrone. In a height disparity reminiscent of "David versus Goliath", Jacquizz shook the boots of LaGrone, proverbially breaking the big man's ankles and then took off to the far side of the field and made a big pickup.

Teammates hooted and hollered at the look on Lagrone's face, as he shook his head walking back to the huddle.

On the next play, junior defensive end Gabe Miller quickly made his way into the backfield and into the face of Canfield -- who promptly tucked the ball and took off down the field.

Attempting to slide feet first, Canfield's cleats caught the grass, making for one of the more awkward looking slides in quarterback history and for an instant, some stopped hearts in Beaver Land. Canfield, however, bounced up immediately, and more laughs, some with obvious relief, chattered out from the sidelines.

Skelly Session #2
The secondary again shined in this drill, breaking up a slew of passes that were destined to become sure completions.

Canfield spotted tight end Joe Halahuni -- one of his favorite targets on the day -- and delivered a bullet. The sophomore had to leap for the ball, and the pass was too high and nearly intercepted by Lance Mitchell, who had a clear bead on it.

A couple of plays later Canfield was looking for Adeniji deep but Josh LaGrone was there to bust up the pass.

Geno Munoz continues to impress in the early going despite missing a day with a hamstring tweak, at one point going up for a pass and extending in midair to snatch the ball in front of LaGrone and redshirt freshman Zane Norris.

Quizz showed off his speed and agility out of the backfield for the remainder of the session on a variety of plays.

Suaesi Tuimaunei also showed off his ballhawking skills, as he stepped in front of a Canfield pass that was intended for Quizz. The junior safety timed the pass perfectly and snatched the ball out of the running backs hands before he had a chance to reel it in.

Play of the Day
The play of the day, in this writer's mind, was hands down the moves that sophomore running back Jacquizz Rodgers displayed as he juked and jived his way out of the backfield and out of the grasp of Matt LaGrone. LaGrone was left in disbelief, not unlike a number of defensive opponents and would-be tacklers in '08. The play also provided plenty of levity for teammates and fans, a good sign that the Beavs are playing relaxed, yet still solid football in the early stages of fall camp.

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