FALL CAMP DAY 5: Beavs go full pads but..

CORVALLIS--Oregon State went full pads Friday, but Mike Riley held his players back from full-tackling to save on early wear and tear. Not such a bad idea with star receiver, fly sweep aficionado and big play return man James Rodgers sitting out the practice after he showed up with a limp at the day's walk-through.

Skelly Session No. 1
With junior wide receiver James Rodgers taking the day off (sore knee), freshman wide receiver Markus Wheaton ran with the first the second teams.

Wheaton's combination of hands speed has been impressive this camp, and today was no exception.

Sophomore tight end Joe Halahuni continues to rise.

A few plays into skelly, Sean Canfield placed a well thrown ball a little bit high, but Halahuni was able to go up for the pass and reel it in, showing off good athleticism for a player of his stature.

Later on in the session Canfield was looking for Halahuni again, and would have delivered on the pass, but sophomore safety Cameron Collins was there to reach around the tight end's big body and swat the pass away, resulting in an incompletion.

Redshirt freshman quarterback Ryan Katz doesn't have as strong an arm as Canfield but he can put some zip on the ball and had a nice day on Friday.

On play action, Katz found senior wideout Damola Adeniji across the middle, covered by freshmen Jordan Poyer and Josh LaGrone. Katz zipped the ball in between the defenders and hit Adeniji right in the numbers.

A few plays later, Katz was on the mark to Wheaton, who had outrun freshman safety Dax Dilbeck from the get-go. The pass dropped in right over Dilbeck to Wheaton, who went tip-toeing down the sideline for a huge gain.

The catch of the session, however, came a few plays later when the first team hit the field again.

Canfield slung a bullet to junior wideout Darrell Catchings, back from a day off after feeling under the weather yesterday.

Catchings reeled the pass in with one hand, pressing it against his hip until he got his other hand on it, securing it and making the reception while in the company of three defenders. Impressive.

Team Session No. 1
Even with James Rodgers on the sideline, there was plenty of speed and quickness coming the offensive side of the ball in the first team session on the afternoon.

Although there is no substitute from Quon, Wheaton filled in nicely for Rodgers. On a quick pass from Canfield, he outran Collins to the sideline and took off for a big gain.

Sophomore running back Jacquizz Rodgers continued to show why he is such a big deal, reeling in a pass from Canfield, then outrunning junior linebacker Keith Pankey and the rest of the defenders down the sideline for a huge gain.

On a screen pass to Quizz, junior center Alex Linnenkohl and senior guard Gregg Peat did a nice job getting downfield and picking up blocks in the secondary, allowing the running back more freedom to juke and jive his way in and out of traffic.

A few plays later, the Beaver D looked to have their revenge with Quizz stopped for a short gain -- two defenders were on top of him but the sophomore RB got up off the ground and sprinted downfield.

A few plays later Canfield found junior split end Casey Kjos across the middle and delivered a spot-on pass, but freshman safety Jordan Poyer was there to strip the ball out of the receiver's hands, bouncing it up in the air, then reeled it in for an interception. And Poyer was just getting going.

We'll have our second report on the practice session up shortly.

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