A.M. SESSION: LB's make run skelly their own

CORVALLIS -- James Rodgers was back in action on Saturday. The morning session also saw some sharp-looking play play from the Oregon State linebackers. Coach Danny Langsdorf broke out his best John Olerud impersonation. Oh, and there were also incredible amounts of football on Day 6 of the Beavs' fall camp.

There was a good amount of Beavs sitting out the morning session – the list included middle linebacker David Pa'aluhi, receiver Casey Kjos, safeties Lance Mitchell and Cameron Collins and linebacker Tony Wilson. Also out are defensive tackle Tonu Tuimalealiifano, offensive tackles Wilder McAndrews and Timi Oshinowo and running back Ryan McCants.

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DAY No. 6, the first scheduled two-a-day practice this fall camp for the Beavs, began innocently enough -- stretching and regular commentary about events from the day before.

But what started out normal, turned quickly into a laugh fest for spectators. After the terrible slide by quarterback Sean Canfield in yesterday's practice, offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf (decked out in a half shell baseball helmet) had the quarterbacks rolling out, delivering the ball, and working on their slide. Simple enough right?


Apparently no quarterback on the roster has ever played baseball before because they all took chunks of the field with them as they awkwardly "slid" to the ground. There is, however, no truth to the rumor Pat Casey will be holding a sliding clinic and quarterbacks are encouraged to attend.

After the "slide drill", then the real football started.

INDIVIDUAL CORNER DRILLS featured emphasis on quick feet, maintaining a low center of gravity in the back pedal, and concentration drills. And the familiar "Pass. Ball. BINGO!" drill.

Safeties worked on breaking down and form tackling on the sleds, even "taking the sled to the ground" and finishing the tackle.

There was also recognition of various routes. The defender had to read, recognize, and close quickly to wrap up the receiver.

Linebackers worked on proper turn and trail technique on the short routes, with an emphasis on turning and finding the ball quickly when their back was turned.

THE DEFENSIVE LINE worked on first step explosiveness and executing proper technique and pad level, and getting deep into, the simulated offensive lineman.

The Beavs split into d-end and d-tackle groups, with the tackles working on various things including engagement, while the ends worked on, among other things, a quick first step and flow.

Run Only Team Skelly
No corners or receivers featured in this drill, just mano-a-mano run offense versus run defense.

DT Stephen Paea continues to impress with his push up the middle. On Saturday in this segment, he often caused Jacquizz Rodgers bounce the play outside into a waiting linebacker's arms.

INDEED, ADVANTAGE LINEBACKERS, as Keaton Kristick, Keith Pankey, Dwight Roberson and others looked sharp. The linebacking corps was really flowing well in this drill, filling gaps and more often than not bottling up the slippery Quizz and Jovan Stevenson.

Corners and receivers worked on fade routes delivered by the quarterbacks. The drill went about 50/50, with some good break ups and just as many quality throw and catches.

AT THIS POINT, quarterback Lyle Moevao had reached his prescribed limit set by the medical staff and was off doing shoulder strengthening exercises with a giant rope.

Wrapped around a pole, Moevao held the ends of the rope in each hand and whipped it like horse reigns.

We'll have our second report up shortly.

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