DAY 6 EVENING SESSION: Back and forth

CORVALLIS -- Maybe it was just for fun. But it certainly turned heads and started imaginations running when Jacquizz Rodgers lined up with the first unit kickoff return men on Saturday night. Oh the possibilities..

Special Teams
Opening up the practice, sophomore running back Jacquizz Rodgers was running with the first team kickoff return. Whether that will hold true or not going into the season remains to be seen, but it certainly had the imagination of this writer running..

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On the kicking side of things, junior placekicker Justin Kahut was perfect on the evening, connecting from 20, 22, 27 (from the right hash-mark), and then from the left hash from 30, and, twice, from 32 yards out.

The distance was short range but the OSU kicker's confidence seemed high -- he was spot-on in splitting the uprights each and every time.

Red Ball (Two-Minute Offense)
Senior quarterback Sean Canfield was letter perfect the initial few plays of the red ball session, completing passes to Quizz and senior tight end Howard Croom.

But in stepped junior safety Suaesi Tuimaunei, who picked off one of his throws.

Reading Canfield's three step drop and watching the quarterback's eyes the entire time, Tuimaunei camped out while senior wideout Damola Adeniji ran his route. Tui reacted smartly to Canfield's pass, picking it out of the air and leaving Adeniji helpless to prevent it.

THE NEXT PLAY, however, Canfield came back strong, rifling a perfect pass across the middle to junior wide receiver Aaron Nichols in the back of the end zone for a touchdown.

Junior James Rodgers shook off a sore knee to practice in the morning session but was sitting out tonight. With Quon watching from the sidelines, freshman Markus Wheaton teamed up with Nichols to fill in nicely for Rodgers at flanker.

Team Session No. 1
In the first team session of the evening there was plenty of speed, trickery and coverage, including a new wrinkle on offense.

BF.C policy is not to mention the particulars but the play went for a moderate gain and relies on speed and deception.

WITH THE AMOUNT amount of speed the '09 Beavs can have on the field at any one time, there are a number of interesting prospects Beaver Nation might see this year -- it could result in some entertaining plays, to say the least.

Wheaton later got in front of Tuimaunei and Canfield delivered a bullet to the receiver mid-stride, then turned upfield and took off down the sideline, outrunning numerous defenders.

Wheaton has some serious quicks, and on this play displayed game-breaking speed that any coach would covet.

LATER, IT WAS questionable whether there was offensive or defensive pass interference, as there was plenty of contact between Wheaton and junior cornerback James Dockery, but with a likely push-off by the wide receiver, he was able to gain separation and pull in a pass from Canfield that was perfectly placed.

Dockery turned it around quickly.

He broke up a pass attempt from Canfield that would have found the hands of junior wideout Darrell Catchings, but the cornerback swatted the pass out of the receiver's hands.

We'll have our second report on the P.M. session up shortly.

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