DAY 6 P.M. SESSION: Textbook Hendu coverage

CORVALLIS -- Jacquizz Rodgers in the fall camp evening session on Saturday continued to show why he's a threat, and on every snap. The Beaver pass rush had a good showing in one of the team sessions and quarterback Sean Canfield went thermal in the red zone. Meanwhile, cornerback Patrick Henderson continued his solid showing. That, plus much more, right after the jump..

Skelly Session No. 1
Traditional skeleton drills are held without linemen but sophomore Jacquizz Rodgers, it would seem, would be a threat going against a 15-man defense.

Quizz pulled in a pass from Sean Canfield with one hand out of the backfield and sprinted down the field, outrunning senior linebacker Keaton Kristick for a big gain before finally being bumped out of bounds.

Not many collegiate running backs make that large of gain on that play.

TIGHT COVERAGE WAS shown by Suaesi Tuimaunei on a subsequent play, the safety swatting the Canfield pass out of the mitts of Darrell Catchings, breaking up the sure completion.

Freshman safety Zeke Sanders followed that up by slapping away a pass attempt from junior quarterback Peter Lalich that would have ended up in Adeniji's hands, but fell harmlessly incomplete.

Team Session #2
The Oregon State pass rush held the upper hand against the offensive line in the second team session of the evening.

Sophomore DE Kevin Frahm showed how brute strength is used and teamed with senior defensive tackle Latu Moala to swallow up Jacquizz in the backfield on a screen pass attempt.

For good measure, Frahm swatted away the pass attempt from Canfield.

MORE GOOD COVERAGE was displayed by both the secondary and the linebackers throughout this session, but that did not stop Darrell Catchings from getting behind the defenders on a few occasions.

On one pass play, he gathered in a Canfield pass mid-stride and sprinted down the field, outrunning the defense in the process before being bumped out of bounds by Tuimaunei -- but deep downfield.

Quizz continued to show off his pass catching abilities, burning by Kristick on a couple of occasions -- one on a nifty pass across the breadth of the D.

Quizz took that Canfield pass, busted off a stutter step on Kristick, then took off off for a big gain.

A few plays later, Quizz sprinted past junior linebacker Keith Pankey, an excellent cover 'backer, and Kristick for a big gain down the sideline.

Red Zone Skelly
Canfield was on fire the first couple of throws of the session.

He hooked up with Catchings for one score, and then one play later the senior quarterback found freshman wideout Jordan Bishop in the back of the end zone, delivering a perfectly placed bullet that was easily reeled in by the redshirt frosh.

Tight coverage by Pankey and senior cornerback Patrick Henderson resulted in a couple of broken up plays after the first couple of touchdowns, causing a Canfield pass to Quizz to sail high in the end zone.

Later, Hendu was in on breaking up a pass that would have surely been completed to Wheaton.

Henderson was textbook on that one, putting his hands right in front of the receiver and swatting the ball away to force the incompletion.

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