FALL CAMP: The BF.C Bests of Week One

CORVALLIS -- The Beavs get back at it today with fall camp resuming after the players had their first scheduled day off on Sunday. BF.C takes a look at the first camp week and puts forth our Bests of Week One.

Best Arm: Sean Canfield
The senior has a gun. Canfield has been nicknamed "Slim" by some this camp, coming in about 5-10 pounds lighter than last year. But his arm is as strong as ever.

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Best Accuracy: Ryan Katz
The redshirt freshman puts plenty of zip on the ball as well, but he's clearly been working on his touch. He's hit receivers on the "play side" and has feathered it in when called for on other throws.

Player to Watch: Katz

Running Backs:
Best Hands: Jacquizz Rodgers
Quizz is known for his stop-go, slam ahead running plays, but he has some nifty hands coming out of the backfield and showed it again and again the first week.

Best Moves: Jacquizz Rodgers
Not sure which was better, watching Quizz put the moves on DE Matt LaGrone or listening to TE John Reese giggle uncontrollably about it.

Player to Watch: Jovan Stevenson
If Quizz comes out for a breather, opponents might not want to relax. Stevenson beings with him big play potential every time he steps on the field.

Wide Receivers:
Best Pure Speed (Not named James Rodgers): Markus Wheaton
A lightning flash, give him a lane and stand back and watch.

Best Hands: Geno Munoz and Aaron Nichols
Munoz has made the term "acrobatic catch" his own in the first week.

Players to Watch: Wheaton, Munoz and Jordan Bishop
While OT Michae Philipp has been the focus of the rookies among many fans, and rightly so, do not overlook Wheaton. He too has the potential to help OSU big time as early as this year.

Offensive Line:
Most Improved: Michael Philipp
It didn't take long for the mountainous o-tackle to shake off the first college practice butterflies and start showing why he might start up front as a true freshman.

Most Consistent: Alex Linnenkohl
Collectively, the o-line didn't have a great week out there, and they need to raise their play in the coming days and weeks. But Linnenkohl was a steadying influence and is a solid block in the middle of the Beaver line.

Players to Watch: Phillip, Colin Kelly
Kelly has quietly begun to put his game together. He has more to do, but coach Cav might be working his magic again here.

Tight Ends:
Best hands: Joe Halahuni
The second year sophomore continues to climb up the ladder.

Best blocking: Howard Croom, John Reese
Take your pick here, the Beaver TE's and H-backs all have shown some nice engagement skills, but Croom and Reese have both moved their man well in the first week.

Defensive Line:
Best Strength: Stephen Paea, Kevin Frahm, Latu Moala
Frahm has been a pass rushing demon this first week. Paea has been what everyone expected and more. And the best news might be that Moala has shown he could be the guy to make opponents pay if they choose to double Paea.

Best Speed: Gabe Miller, Matt LaGrone, Ben Terry
Miller, LaGrone and Terry all combine to give the Beavs the ability to cut off the corner on runs, muck up the works in the backfield on the pass.

Players to Watch: LaGrone, Sioeli Nau
Other got more ink in the first week but Nau, a senior, has given a sign or two he might be ready to bust out and turn heads in the days and weeks to come.

Best Coverage: Keith Pankey
Simply put, Pankey is one of the best cover linebackers in the conference.

Best Hitter: Dwight Roberson and Keaton Kristick
Mike Riley has gone light on contact so far, it's early, but both Roberson and Kristick have still managed to turn in several pad-poppin' smacks the first week.

Best Leader: Kristick
It's like having another coach on the field.

Best Ballhawk: Suaesi Tuimaunei, Jordan Poyer
Poyer had four picks in one practice, and Riley was counting. Tui plays a nice brand of center field.

Best run support: Tim Clark
More will be known down the road, but the senior has shown some signs he isn't just there to replace the corners that graduated, he's there to put his own stamp on the Beaver program.

Players to Watch: Hardin, Poyer, Dax Dilbeck
Hardin is making it a three-way battle for the stating CB post opposite Clark, (with Patrick Henderson and James Dockery) while Dilbeck has shown freshman promise.

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