DAY 7 EVENING SESSION: Extras Notebook

CORVALLIS -- It's vital to get points when inside the 20 yard line, otherwise known as the red zone. And OSU on Monday night hammered away with their red zone offense. The session was decidedly focused on the receivers and the passing game, but Jacquizz Rodgers still took one from back deep to the house. Aaron Nichols' play of the day was something to see. And don't forget about Casey Kjos..

Red Zone Drill:
With starting WR Darrell Catchings now out for the year, the Beaver offense has some adjusting to do. On Monday night, things seemed to come together well in the final segment.

Receivers were getting off the line well, quarterbacks were given time, and three touchdowns highlighted the final drill.

Peter Lalich dropped in a nice touch pass to Geno Munoz over the middle. Munoz beat Patrick Henderson to the middle and turned in an easy TD.

Jacquizz Rodgers wasn't heard from much tonight, as the offense was very pass heavy and wide receiver oriented -- understandable in that there's lots of work to do between now and the opener for the young guns at split end.

Still, Quizz did show tremendous speed to the edge on a stretch play that went for six.

Quizz is said this fall to be faster and stronger than the '08 version that tore up the Pac-10, and the improvement in speed was evident as he beat the cornerback to the edge and then bee-lined it into the end zone.

Overall, a so-so day for the offense. Concerns with the left side of the o-line need to be addressed, but remember Philipp is a true freshman and there are still three weeks until Portland State.

Markus Wheaton is working hard and has flashes of brilliance, but still has a ways to go to learn the offense. But as Mike Riley said just a few days back, 'just wait until Wheaton figures out what he's doin' out there.'

It will be interesting to see if tomorrow brings a sense of urgency from the offense, and the line takes the lost battles from today personally and come out ready to hit someone in the mouth.

Play Of The Day:
In the final red zone drill, Ryan Katz rolled out right out and delivered a ball that looked destined to hit the turf.

But receiver Aaron Nichols, at a full sprint, leapt about 10 feet horizontally and in full stretch, pulled the ball out of the air for an eye popping touchdown.

It was the type of catch you hear "Da-da-da...Da-da-da" afterwards and see on SportsCenter.

Player(s) Of The Day:
Aaron Nichols and Casey Kjos are becoming real threats in the passing game.

Sean Canfield and Katz have continued to have success with the junior wideouts. Nichols and Kjos were looking to fill a role, but with Catchings now out for the season, and with progress they've each made over the first week, they very well could become go-to targets for whomever is under center.

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