DAY 7 PM SESSION: Advantage Defense

CORVALLIS -- The Beaver offense wasn't their sharpest on Monday night, appearing off target and out of sync for much of the second practice of the day. The Beaver D stuffed the running lanes and pushed their way into the backfield. Not helping the offensive cause, a few dropped balls here and there. The OSU offensive attack, however, ended the session on a high note. Plus, a Lyle Moevao update.

Special Teams
Sophomore punter John Hekker started off the practice with a boom, kicking a couple of boots perhaps as long as 60 yards and more. The wind was definitely in his favor but he put great deal of air underneath his kicks and hit some beauties.

Redshirt freshman kicker/punter Ryan Allen also boomed a 65 yard punt -- before his next try was blocked by redshirt freshman tight end Colby Prince, who squeezed his way through the line to get a bit mitt on the ball.

Team Session #1
All in all, the offense put on a pretty decent showing in the first team session of the evening. The only mistake made was senior quarterback Sean Canfield misreading junior wideout James Rodgers' route and throwing an interception right into the hands of James Dockery. A few plays later Canfield found junior tight end Brady Camp in the back of the end zone, throwing the pass right in front of junior safety Suaesi Tuimaunei.

Aside from Canfield, Rodgers and Camp; sophomore running back Jacquizz Rodgers ran with the first team per usual, and freshmen Jordan Bishop and Markus Wheaton both took snaps in their first full practice with the first team, filling in for injured wideout Darrell Catchings, who is lost for the year.

Team Session #2
In the second team session the offense found yards hard to come by, and Canfield found completions even harder to come by, the senior misfiring on a number of throws.

Facing an oncoming pass rush, Canfield threw the ball at James Rodgers' feet on one occasion. A run by Jacquizz Rodgers a few plays later was met in the backfield with no escape. Senior linebacker Keaton Kristick held Quizz for a short gain, if any gain at all.

The one play that stood out most was a reception by sophomore tight end Joe Halahuni.

He ripped the ball out of junior linebacker Keith Pankey's hands to make the grab, with the linebacker playing right in the tight end's pocket the entire route.

Freshman tackle Michael Philipp played the majority of the time at the left tackle position, and has shown definite improvement over the past week in his protection. He has more improvement to make, but he also looks on his way.

Skelly Session #1
Canfield started off the session with a couple of decent passes, completing one to Bishop on a swing pass, then overthrew his next few targets before he connected with junior wideout Casey Kjos on a deep pass down the sideline. Still, it was a dangerous pass and could have been picked.

It was not, though, as Kjos reeled it in front of a couple of defenders, then took off down the sideline for a big gain. To close out the session, Canfield hit Quan across the middle with a bullet, as the receiver got behind sophomore cornerback Brandon Hardin and in front of Tuimaunei.

Team 3rd Down Session
The 3rd down drill saw the offense continue to sputter. Wheaton, in his first practice taking the majority of snaps with the first team, had numerous drops.

The offensive line could not hold back the defensive line here, as sophomore Kevin Frahm, junior Gabe Miller and others made appearances in the backfield on a grip of plays.

A bit of offensive frustration surfaced when Quan and junior cornerback James Dockery got into it later on in the session. Dockery held onto Rodgers a bit too long after the play was over.

Rodgers took exception to that, getting in the cornerback's face and throwing the ball into his facemask. The situation was quickly defused, however, and the session continued.

Lyle Moevao Update
The senior quarterback in the latter part of practice was throwing to a coaching assistant from 20, 25, and 30 yards deep with ease.

Then the senior went through a few three step drops, hitting the assistant in the end zone from about the 35-40 yard line. Positive signs.

Skelly Session #2
Canfield looked to be having timing issues in the second session of skelly, overthrowing Bishop and Wheaton for the most part. Not great, but also not unexpected with Catchings out and new personnel to get used to -- Canfield and Catchings developed a rapport in the spring and all during the offseason in voluntary skelly work and all that work and timing now has to be rebuilt with other receivers.

Team Session #3
While Canfield had been enduring an off-practice all night long, it was clear in the third team session that maybe it wasn't the senior quarterback having a bad night..

Maybe it was the secondary having a good night.

Senior cornerback Tim Clark and company locked down the receivers for the most part, with the exception of allowing Wheaton to slip by, dive on his back, and reel in a Canfield pass in the end zone, resulting in one of four touchdowns.

Two of the scores came on the ground, with Quizz strolling into the end zone after hitting the corner and outrunning the defenders, and Quan went end-around, barely beating Clark to the corner.

Later on, great ball placement by junior quarterback Peter Lalich allowed redshirt freshman wide receiver Geno Munoz to slip by defenders and reel in the pass in the back of the end zone.

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