FALL CAMP DAY 8: Run stoppers & Sky riders

CORVALLIS -- Ryan Katz has a big arm, no doubt about it. But what's been just as impressive this camp has been his touch, and today was no different. Over on the edge, Matt LaGrone was among those who continued a solid fall camp, showing this afternoon more of his strong pass rushing skills coming off the edge.

Team Session No. 1:
Sophomore middle linebacker David Pa'aluhi was back practicing with the first string defense after taking a day off yesterday.

Junior defensive end Matt LaGrone continues to show off powerful pass rushing abilities.

One one occasion, he blew up the offensive line and charged into the backfield, breaking up a run by freshman running back Ashton Jefferson.

Ryan Katz delivered a deep ball off of a play action fake to sophomore Jacquizz Rodgers, finding Markus Wheaton down the right sideline.

Wheaton bobbled the pass, the ball bounce off of senior cornerback Tim Clark, then Wheaton reeled the pass in and took off down the sideline.

Katz later showed a great deal of finesse, lobbing a pass right over the outstretched hands of redshirt freshman Taylor Henry, completing the pass to senior tight end Howard Croom.

Skelly Session No. 2:
The linebacker pecking order is pretty well established with Keaton Kristick on the strongside, David Pa'aluhi in the middle, Dwight Roberson and Keith Pankey as co-starters at WIL. Sophomore linebacker Paul Jones, however, got some time on Tuesday, was rotating in with the first string defense.

QB Peter Lalich seemed to be a little off, overthrowing freshman wide receiver Micah Hatfield on one occasion.

A few plays later, sophomore cornerback Brandon Hardin stayed right in the back pocket of Geno Munoz, swiveled his hips right as the ball got to the receiver and grabbed the interception right before Munoz could make a play on the ball. Nice coverage.

Senior linebacker Keaton Kristick displayed trademark quickness and coverage ability, sprinting over to nullify a swing pass from Katz to Quizz and stopping the running back for a short gain.

Team Session No. 2:
Senior defensive tackle Latu Moala combined with sophomore defensive end Kevin Frahm, going beast-mode into the backfield and stopping a handoff to Jacquizz Rodgers. The play went for no gain.

Moala was there again a play later to get a big mitt on Rodgers and stop the running back for a short gainer.

On a pitch to Jacquizz running to the right side, Pa'aluhi showed great pursuit, stopping the running back in the backfield for a small loss.

Katz then went to the air. After making the play action fake to Jacquizz, the QB rolled out to the right side of the field. There was textbook coverage by the secondary everywhere.... except the middle of the field.

And Katz deftly recognized it and nailed senior tight end Brady Camp with a bullet, completing the pass for a big gain.

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