FALL CAMP DAY 8: Extras Notebook

CORVALLIS -- After tight ends Howard Croom and Brady Camp turned in some nice grabs earlier in the session on Tuesday, it was The Joe Halahuni Show in the final skelly session of Tuesday's practice. Plus, Kevan Walker turns in the Play of the Day and more.

Skelly Session No. 3:
It was the Joe Halahuni show -- Katz completed numerous passes to the sophomore tight end.

The first play, however, Katz was looking for Halahuni across the middle, but Tuimaunei was there to slap the ball away.

On subsequent plays, Katz threw a dart to the back of the end zone that Halahuni reeled in. Then Halahuni brought in a swing pass from the quarterback, beating senior linebacker Dwight Roberson to the pylon for another score.

Lalich also had a good outing here, completing touchdown passes to senior wideout Taylor Kavanaugh, then another to Aaron Nichols.

But it was Katz who put on a clinic in the final skelly of the evening, completing another four touchdown passes.

One, an acrobatic grab by James Rodgers in the end zone, was against very tight coverage by the secondary.

The second was a nice touch pass right into the hands of Nichols on the right side, putting the ball right into the receiver's hands mid-stride.

The third and fourth were testament to the quarterback's athleticism and mobility, making a nice lob pass to Quan in heavy coverage in the back of the end zone, then rolling out to the right and nailing Bishop, who easily got behind the secondary.

Rookies Session:
Freshman quarterback Cody Vaz deftly placed a bullet into the hands of redshirt freshman Kevan Walker. The wide receiver beat Paul Jones in coverage, then Vaz did his job and put the ball right into Walker's hands across the middle.

Freshmen quarterback Jack Lomax and wide receiver Mitch Singler stole the show, though, when it came for the young guys' solo session after practice was "over", connecting on numerous completions across the middle and mostly in the presence of fellow freshman Dax Dilbeck.

The safety got the best of the duo a few plays later, however, knocking away a pass that was sure to have been reeled in.

Play of the Day:
Not many fans in attendance probably saw it but the play of the day came in the last segment between the freshman and sophomores.

Vaz found Walker down the right side of the field and delivered a spot on throw. Walker nearly reeled it in cleanly, but bobbled the ball mid-stride -- and continued to do so for a few more strides -- before pulling it in with his right hand only. He then proceeded to take off downfield for a big gain.

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