DAY 9 MORNING SESSION: Quizz' shoulder

CORVALLIS -- It's so important to have a back like Jacquizz Rodgers, a guy who can get those short yards on third down to move the chains. With added strength and speed, Quizz seems destined for great things in 2009, and showed why on Wednesday. And as for that rehabbed wing, well Quizz lowered the shoulder today and it was a thunderous impact…

Short Yardage/Goal Line Drills:
The first play of the drill, and if there were any questions about Jacquizz Rodgers' shoulder, there aren't any more, not from this chair anyway.

Mr. Touchdown lowered the boom on the filling linebacker David Pa'aluhi -- and flattened him.

Now, it must be noted that Pa'aluhi made the tackle. And just as key, Pa'aluhi and others on the Beaver D are also certainly not looking to try and lower the boom on Quizz -- it would be devastating if Quizz suffered a setback in fall camp.

But it also should be said it was a great deal of impact delivered by Rodgers, with his shoulder the leading edge, and then he got up like nothing had happened.

The offensive line continued it's impressive day in the short yardage drill, firing off the ball and not allowing penetration. Stephen Paea had a relatively quiet day all in all, something that hasn't been said very much this camp.

Back to Quizz. It's so tough for an opponent to honor the play action when a back like Quizz can get 3-4 yards a pop, especially on third and short.

The offense on Wednesday exposed a run conscious Beaver D and sent Brady Camp out on a post. Canfield faked, delivered and Camp caught the ball expecting to be wrapped up -- only no one was within 20 yards of No. 83.

Good for the offense. Not so good for the D.

Sean Canfield took all the snaps in goal line drills, something Mike Riley commented was "on purpose." Possibly an attempt to increase efficiency and capitalize on scoring situations? OSU was 37-61 (61 percent) in the red zone in terms of finding the end zone, a mark OSU needs to improved upon.

Canfield executed play action well and continues to find open receivers in the back of the end zone -- a good sign for the offense, and an area of work for the defense.

Play Of The Day:
Not nearly as flashy as Aaron Nichols' diving touchdown reception from Tuesday, today's play is, however, the sign of things to come.

During OSU's short yardage drill, Quizz took an inside hand off and followed his line, which got a good push. Quizz exploded through to the second level and before anyone could blink, Rodgers was in a foot race to the end zone with James Dockery. Quizz won the race and went 80 for the score. The explosion and speed Beaver Nation fell in love with last season, it was all showcased on that one simple inside run.

Player Of The Day:
As an entire unit, the offensive line gets the tip of the hat.

All five guys were aggressive and fundamentally sound in both run and pass blocking. With a great leader in Alex Linnenkohl in the middle and experience around him in the form of Grant Johnson, Gregg Peat and Mike Remmers, it stands to reason Michael Philipp will be a great addition and ably learn on the fly.

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